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Why do some people not understand that the confederate flag is insulting?

OK look, I get the whole historical flag thing, but when it is used to promote racism and hatred its just not cool anymore. How can the use of this flag be defended by anyone? I watched the cnn republican debates and saw this issue being brought up, then realized how many people in the south are really into this whole confederate flag thing. THey lost. Like 2 million years ago. I dont get it. can someone please explain this to me????????


as I have stated I get the historical thing. But this has nothing to do with geography people. it has to do with racism, biogotry and discrimination. The south fought becasue they wanted to keep their slaves. They wanted to own people of a different color from them. From what I know about this flag, it was some sort of a naval flag. It is used by racists and hate groups. Southern Pride is synonymous with Southern Hatred. People find this offensive, not a matter of pride. So i really am interested why people want this flag to be respected. Thank you for answering

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    Southerners that claim "heritage, not hate" are being disingenuous. The fact is that the white Southern establishment of the tumultuous Civil Rights years of the 50's and 60s had no problems whatsoever of using the Confederate Flag as their quasi-official symbol to fight against equal rights. It's not about history, it's about some Southerners basically trying to flip off the rest of the country, particularly African Americans. Claims of history and heritage are a cop out. That doesn't mean it has zero historical validity, it certainly does. But white southerners themselves are the ones to blame for taking the symbols of the Civil War and trying to use them in their post-Civil War battles against progress.

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    The war between the states wasn't fought to free slaves.

    Lincoln at first could have cared less about that

    That was secondary to succession of southern states

    That flag represents pride and remembrance to southerners of the dead

    If when flown with the American flag it would be below it

    That is the price payed for the loss but to ban it or say it is racist is wrong

    Those who use it in the racial sense are extremists as are those that ban it

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    I have been down south, and have had this debate before.

    my own, Northern belief, is that the flag is indeed racist....and promotes division. Even as a symbol of "Southern Pride".....the "pride" it represents is the Confederate states, which embraced slavery and fought bitterly with the North to KEEP it.

    They LOST.

    So how they can still be "proud" of it, I don't know..........but I understand they have the utmost respect for their fallen troops, just as we have for ours. Still, in this day and cannot be denied that it causes much divsion and hatred seen by many as a symbol of all that was WRONG 150 years ago.......and yes, just as the Swaztika is an ancient Buddhist symbol meaning long today's terms, most know it as the symbol of pure hatred and evil.

    When you see people display the confederate flag........they generally are NOT paying homage to great naval battles of the Civil war.

    Give me a break.

    It is used mainly by skinheads as a symbol of racism, and surprisingly enough, is still flown over one or two state capitol buildings in the south.

    While I would never deny anyone their hertitage.......I would question such PUBLIC displays of such a symbol that offends so many on GOVT buildings.

    perhaps Museums and tourist attractions geared towards honoring our historic past , Like the Gettyberg and Manassas battlefields, might be the best places to display such artifacts.

    But when you see some redneck in a pickup, with Confederate symbols on it.........chances are.......he's Not going to a civil war re'enactment battle.....but probably chasing someone down.

    Source(s): and for the I have said.....I have been down south. I shalll never set foot south of the Mason Dixie line again. Those people are just crazy as any McCain Palin rally clearly showed.
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    I'm not American but from memory almost all of the soldiers that fought for the south did not own or ever owned slaves, so two things here, 1. Slavery could've been abolished without resorting to war. 2. Lincoln was not anti slavery and only wished to use the issue to preserve the union, the fact that he chose war instead of any kind of peaceful solution I think is proof of that, not to mention the pages and pages of documents written by the man himself explaining why he doesn't care about slavery.

    So although I'm not American, I'm assuming there's more to the confederate flag than the simplistic pro-slavery meaning that you have given it, Dimebag Darrel the slain ex-guitarist for Pantera had an electric guitar with a confederate flag paint job, here are some Pantera lyrics for you.

    Mass prediction, unification

    Breathing life into out lungs

    EVERY creed and EVERY kind

    To give us depth for strength

    Taught when we're young to hate one another

    It's time to have a new reign of power

    Make pride universal so no one gives in

    Turn our backs on those who oppose

    Then when confronted we ask them the question

    That's wrong with their mind?

    What's wrong with your mind?

    (Chorus) It's time to RISE

    We've lived with past mistakes

    And we've lived with our own

    Forgive, forget forgive

    Be a man, not a child

    There are to tears for peace

    Of the common sympathies

    Educate, reinstate, educate

    A thing of past

    The trouble in the states

    It's time to rise

    so yeah, just my opinion, but I don't think Dimebag was pro-slavery.

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    Ok first of all let me get this out here

    In no way is slavery or racism right at all. Period.

    Now do your homework kiddo or you'll be up way past your bedtime.

    The South had slaves yes, but they fought for state rights.

    The right of a state to make its own decisions without the nat'l gov't interfering in everything.

    In the Civil War the North fought not to free slaves they fought to keep the South within the Union.

    The Emanipation Proclamation came out in 1863, two years after the start of the war.

    You know why?

    Because Lincoln didn't give a damn about the black people

    Read it sometime, it states that all slaves in the rebelling slave states would be freed.

    he says nothing about the states of Maryland, Missouri and Kentucky in which slavery was accepted, because they had chose to stay in the Union rather than secede with the rest of the South.

    Secondly the Confederate flag represent the Confederate states. It cant help that the KKK and other white supremacists have used in in such a wrong manner. the American flag is used by the same groups, should we throw it out as well?? Of course not.

    Thirdly let me debunk that nice myth that all Southerners were evil slave owning bastards.

    The majority of the Confederare army was made up of poor to middle class families who owned no slaves at all.

    Then why would they fight a rich plantation owners war over slavery?

    Simple because it wasnt all over slavery.

    They fought for their homes, families and land from yankee invaders.

    the average Confederate soldier who bled and died on the battle field was poor and owned no slaves.

    As for the justification of this flag, I'll give you my reasons.

    My family fought in that war in the Confederacy. Two others in the Union Army.

    17 members in all.

    Two never came home because they were killed.

    they came from a small town in Virginia, they were all poor farm boys who didnt own a single slave, yet when their state and their people called them to fight, they went.

    I take as much pride in that flag as I do the American flag.

    My family has served this country since the Revolutionary War and in every war afterwards and my pride in that in undescribable.

    That flag doesnt deserve the bad rep it has acquired it is unfortunate that hateful people have turned it into a symbol of hate because it is not that and was never intended to be that.

    Source(s): Weasel McWeasel we wouldnt want you down below the Mason Dixon line in our beloved South. So dont come back now you hear?
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I Like The Confederate Flag.

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    not everyone see's the confederate flag as a symbol of racism.

    I find racism insulting and evil.. but not a flag.

    Maybe it's your perspective that is wrong.. not the ones choosing an unofficial flag to represent their southern status.

    If every one with a confederate flag is a racist.. that's news to me.. I thought most racists were using the red white and blue.

    or perhaps racism has nothing to do with the flags. .. but it's the actual individuals involved.

    can you post a current creed.. that goes along with the flag? .. like the us constitution goes along with the red white and blue?.. is there a "racist" constitution and oath of allegiance that goes along with the confederate flag? I dont think the confederate flag.. represents slavery anymore.. i think it just symbolically means you identify with the south. (not racism.. slavery .. etc.. )

    freedom means being able to have whatever flag you want hanging on your walls.

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  • Rick M
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    The Civil War was not fought just over slavery. It was fought over cultural and financial issues as well. The people in the South wanted to be free of the majority Northern control of import/export duties which Southerners felt favored Northern interests. It was also fought over what Southerners felt were slurs on their honor, i.e. Northern control over ports and shipping. It's no coincidence that the first shots fired in the Civil War were at a Federal fort (Sumter) which controlled the entrance of a port.

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  • mike s
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    1 decade ago

    Please understand I am not supporting racism, hatred or slavery.

    It's not the flag's fault. I suspect many in the Middle East feel the same about the Star & Stripes. I've observed a similar reaction when "Dixie" has been played. Do further research; slavery was not the only issue of the Civil War. Many historians believe States Rights was the primary reason.

    History is written by the victors.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I was born and raised in the south so I'm use to seeing the confederate flag, it seriously doesn't bother me anymore, I realized that the majority of the people who have so much pride in the confederate flag still believe the south will rise again as they say.

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