Tap water or Bottled Water? In Australia?

I live in Melbourne, Australia. Which would be better to drink, tap water or bottled water?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Tap water will cost you less per year then bottled water. Regularly buying bottled water can become pretty expensive, depending on how much you drink per day. The fluoride in tap water is good for your teeth and bottled water could be missing some elements that promote oral health. That being said, tap water can contain some chemicals, such as chlorine that won't harm your body but can taste pretty nasty! i suggest you get a water filter installed, like a puratap for example. They make the water taste better and aren't all that expensive.

  • 4 years ago

    People who buy bottled water (unless it is Perrier and the like) are wasting money while destroying the environment with all those plastic bottles. Many people do not realize that some bottled water is not even as good as what comes out of the local tap!

  • Bruce
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    1 decade ago

    melbourne tap water is apparently best tap water in the world...

    i would drink tap water if i was you. cheaper + has flouride for teath.

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