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Fujitsu notebook keyboard.

I dont know why, I just found that i cannot type out the 'capital letters' q, r, i, m, h, question mark, double quotation mark, etc by pressing 'shift' button. what is wrong , please help!


thanks. i checked the caps lock already. i can't type out 'the question mark','double quotation mar', etc when pressing the left 'shift' button.....

Update 2:

any other buttons i accendentally pressed or my keyboard got problem........

i can type out '/' but cannot type out 'question mark'....

Update 3:

is there any program (internal diagnostic) in my notebook that i can check over the keyboard see if there is any problem, how do i fix it..... many thanks!

Update 4:


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Is it because you haven't turned off the "Caps Lock"? Usually, it happened because you have accidentially have some keys turned on...

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