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jerry asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

什麼是Chance remark?

我想請高手解釋什麼是chance remark

還有baser instincts

從Charlotte's Web裡面得來的字眼,與上下文無關

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    1 decade ago
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    1. chance remark 有"偶然提及的, 察覺到的"意思, (乃非正式的, off the way or by the way的意思)


    remark 有"察覺, 注意到"的意思


    A chance remark(偶然提及的事) from a friend about a local youth work job changed the course of his career and he decided to apply for the position of Youth Development Officer at Walgett Shire Council.

    It was a chance remark(偶然提及的事) from an art tutor that inspired Iain Carby to diversify from his work in the oil industry and become an artist and, in doing so, establish Carbyart Gallery.

    I have spoken to him for three years. I have sent him postcards from holidays, he used to bring me presents and a chance remark(偶然察覺到) about his accent reveals he is my mother's brother.

    2. baser instincts 約等於 primitive drives & instincts(原始的本能, 直覺, 衝動)

    這裡 baser 乃 base(卑賤, 低下, 原始, adj.)的比較級


    Does morality aid you in repressing your baser instincts(原始本能)? Does your religious creed assist you in being a better citizen by inhibiting your primitive drives and instincts?

    How is it that, in fact, our baser instincts(原始衝動) drive us to practically explode with rage over the dirty laundry on the floor, or the third glass of milk spilt in the course of ten minutes, or the clothing shoved hastily in the drawer ...

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