Difference between breast feeding, and bottle feeding breast milk?

I am confused...I know breast milk is the best...so what is the difference if someone wants to bottle feed with breast milk? As opposed to with the breast? Is it not as good for the baby? Can someone explain please? Thanks

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    As long as the baby is getting breastmilk, he or she will be getting the best nutrition possible.

    There are different benefits to the breast vs. the bottle. Breastfeeding is always the right temperature and accessible (no bottle to prepare). With breastfeeding, the baby doesn't gulp air (no air in the breast). With bottles, it might be easier to feed the baby in public and it allows other caretakers to feed the baby.

    You can still bond with your baby if you choose to bottle feed. You should hold your baby close (as you would with breastfeeding) and simulate that closeness. You can bottlefeed without a shirt on, to provide that skin-to-skin contact.

    One concern that is often discussed is that breastpumping moms may have less supply than breastfeeding moms. It is possible to breastpump exclusively but it may take some extra work. You will need to be diligent about pumping (every 2 hours to maintain supply). If you want to stockpile milk for returning to work, for example, you may need to supplement your diet to ensure excess production (since breastmilk is a supply and demand type situation). Hope I helped!

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      Please go through the below article

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    I think most people have listed the main differences here. Just a couple of thoughts to add. Breast milk has the fore milk (watery, thirst quenching milk) and hind milk (rich, fatty and satisfying milk) which follows a few minutes later. When I express, that all gets mixed together, so sometimes my baby has to have some water as well to make sure his thirst is quenched. I went back to work when my baby was 3 months, so pumping was the only way he gets my breastmilk in the day time. So from that point of view, it's a real positive. But if I had the choice between breastfeeding or pumping, I'd choose straight from the breast every time.

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    Supposedly, breast feeding directly from the breast helps a mother establish her milk supply. The motion of the baby's mouth causes the mother's body to continue to produce milk. I don't think the same thing happens when milk is pumped from the breast. It's definitely o.k. to pump and feed from a bottle, but not exclusively. In some way, the body (the mother's) recognizes the difference.

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    As the mom it is always your personal choice. That is number one. If you are uncomfortable breast feeding, then you make it work for you however you feel comfortable.

    But... Having your baby up against your skin creates a comfortable bond with your baby that may be lost if you are using a bottle. At three AM the breast milk is the right temperature, no messy bottles needed, no clean up. Why bother with bottles if you don't have to.

    Source(s): Mother of three.
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    In terms of nutritional value, they are both the same. Do not microwave your bottles of breast milk as it will diminish some of these nutrients. It is better to warm the bottle in some warm/hot water.

    When the baby first starts to feed, foremilk is released. This is lower in fat and helps quench the baby's thirst. Hindmilk which is released afterwards and is what we usually think of the breast milk which is high in fat and calories. By pumping, you are mixing both the foremilk and hindmilk so that really, the baby isn't getting the "thin" milk. Not that that's a problem, since breast milk is made of 85% water.

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    They say it best for the baby to suck at your breast because it helps to keep enough milk. Using a pump is different than your baby sucking. My baby has a bottle every once in awhile and she is just fine. But she eats more straight from the breast, so my body will know I still want to feed my baby.

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    There is no difference. It's still breast milk either way. In some cases, I think bottle feeding is easier for public outings. Someone else can help feed the baby, it's convient when going out in public places, so you don't have to nurse in your car. As of night time nursing, the boobs were easier. They both work.

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    Breast milk is breast milk in my book, no matter how it's getting to the baby. Some people have problems with the baby latching on and decide to pump instead, or if you're working you might have to pump. I always found actual breast feeding to be super relaxing. Either way as long as the baby is getting breast milk, it's fine!

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    My mom works in LDR, and she said when the baby is feed from the breast that it is considered good bonding for the baby, and it's suppose to help keep milk in them.

    Also feeding with a bottle a baby can get to much air drinking, and it can give them a tummy ache.

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    Breastmilk is best for nutritional value so there is no difference whichever way it is given.

    i think you're asking about why bottle feeding is not recommended while breastfeeding, and the reason is because breastfeeding between mother and baby create a strong bond between them that cannot be replicated by anthing else even for example daddy feeding the baby with a bottle.

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