Why is Israel fighting Palestine?

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    Palestine is the land region that currently encompasses both Israel and the Palestinian Territories. It has changed hands many times, but had been under Islamic rule since the year 630, until the British won it in World War I. The Muslim majority living there at that time became known as the Palestinians.

    Meanwhile, Jewish settlers had been immigrating to the area in large numbers since the 18th century. The rate of Jewish immigration began increasing rapidly in the late 19th century, due to increasing ethnic tensions in Europe. The Jews and Muslims of Palestine lived side-by-side at that time, mostly without incident. However, the rapid immigration of Jews fleeing from Europe in the early 20th century created tension.

    The conflict started when Mohammad Amin al-Husayni, the Islamic Mufti of Jerusalem and an extreme anti-semite, began spreading rumors among the Muslim population. Many Muslims, frustrated by the increasing immigration of Jews and resulting loss of jobs and cultural autonomy, were willing to believe these rumors and were incited.

    This resulted in a series of violent pogroms, in which mobs poured through the Jewish settlements, killing, raping and pillaging. The leaders of the Jewish communities got together and concluded that the only way to ensure the safety of their people was to establish their own autonomous state. This state is what we now call Israel.

    The Israelis were immediately attacked by the surrounding Arab countries, and defended their new state successfully. Terms to end the war were agreed upon, whereby Gaza and the West Bank were annexed to Egypt and Jordan, respectively, and most of the Palestinians fled to those areas.

    The Palestinians and Israelis have been fighting on and off since that time. Palestinians and Israelis have both been born on that land, and both feel that the land rightfully belongs to them. Many attempts have been made to end the conflict, but so far none have been successful.

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    Israels fighting and killing the Palestinians so they can eventually die out. Israel is planing to take over Palestine land. the reason is that there is still an Arab-Israeli conflict.

    A six-month truce between Hamas and Israel expired on 19 December 2008.Contending that Israel had not lifted the Gaza Strip blockade, and that an Israeli raid on a purported cross-border tunnel in the Gaza Strip on November 4 constituted a serious breach of the truce, Hamas resumed its rocket and mortar attacks on Israel. Hamas and Israel could not agree on conditions to extend the truce.

    On the first days of the Israeli operation, the Israeli Air Force, supported by the navy, bombed Hamas bases, training camps, headquarters and offices in all of the Gaza strip.Civilian infrastructure, including mosques, houses and schools, were also attacked; Israel claims that many of these buildings stocked weapons or personnel and that it is not targeting civilians.

    so basically Israel wants to take back land that was never theirs in the 1st place, and their willing to destroy anything in their way.

    purely inhumane

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    Perhaps you should ask this question. Why is Palestine fighting Israel? That is more appropriate.

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    Maybe because Hamas (a terrorist organization voted in by the Palestinians to govern them) keeps lobbing missiles into Israel?

    I'm disappointed about the cease fire.

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    They are not. They ceased fire and pulled out.

    Of course Hamas is stupid and will start it all up again because otherwise they have no purpose in life. They sure aren't going to do anything for the Palestinians in Gaza.

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    Over land I guess but who needs "reasons" anyway

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    WATER - it's all really about water - the Jordon River...

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    Are they still fighting?

  • 1 decade ago

    Because Palistine is bad

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    They want to steal all the land they havent yet stolen.

    Palestine only own 13% of the land they originally were given after WWII but thanks to israel and their terrorist ways that are supported by America they have lost it all. And you wonder why they lob bombs.... hmm

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