which one digree cource better for me BCA or BSC IT?

Already i ve done one year Diploma hardware and networking in IT,what is the technical diffrence between BCA and BSCIT

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    it really depends upon what your career aspirations are. Continuing in IT by way of MCA will equip you to deal with higher level of programming and will make you a specialist, where as a MBA in IT will expose you to how to manage and organise systems and processes to enhance business competitiveness for an organization. Also the institute that you do the course has an impact on the career growth. MBA (HR) does not have any direct co-relation to Computer Applications. We could guide you better with some details on your core strengths, interests and career goals.

    ** BSC IT

    Meaning Category

    BCS Spectrally Calibrated Academic & Science->Electronics

    Bachelor in Science Academic & Science->Academic Degrees

    Bahia Solano, Colombia Regional->Airport Codes

    Balanced ScoreCard Business->General

    Baltic Sea Catchment Academic & Science->Ocean Science

    Base Station Controller Business->Positions

    Battle Simulation Center Governmental->Military

    Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. Business->NYSE Symbols

    Bed Supper Club Community

    Beechcraft Service Center Business->Firms

    Bergfreunde Ski Club Community->Sports

    Bering Slope Current Academic & Science->Ocean Science

    Best Supportive Care Medical->Oncology

    Binary Synchronous Communication Computing->General

    Binary Synchronous Communications Community->Media

    Bisynchronous Communications (protocol) Computing->Telecom

    Boating Safety Circular Governmental->Transportation

    Boston Sports Club Community->Sports

    Brigadas de Seguridad Ciudadana International->Spanish

    British Society of Cinematographers Community->Media

    Bronze Swimming Certificate Community->Sports

    Browser information (MS Developer Studio) Computing->File Extensions

    Business Service Centers Governmental->US Government

    Business Support Center Academic & Science->Chemistry

    Compressed Apple II file archive (BINSCII) Computing->File Extensions

    Database (Source Browser) Computing->File Extensions

    Pwbrmake object file (MS Fortran) Computing->File Extensions

    ** BCA

    Course Structure BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)


    101. Business Communication 201. Organizational Behavior

    102. Principles of Management 202. Elements of Statistics

    103. Programming Principles and Algorithms 203. ‘C’ Programming

    104. Computer Fundamental an(l Office Automation 204. File Structure and Database Concepts

    105. Business Accounting 205. Cost Accounting

    106. Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (OA—PPA) Semester — II 206. Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (C.P DBMS)


    301. Numerical Methods 401. Networking

    302. Data Structure using C 402. Visual Basic

    303. Software Engineering 403. Inventory Management (SAD)

    304. Managemeiit Accounting 404. Human Resource Management

    305. RDBMS 405. object Oriented ProgLainming using C++

    306. Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (D.S + RDBMS) 406.Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (VB+ C++)


    501. .NET Frameworks 601. E-Coinmnerce

    502. Internet Programming and Cyber Law 602. Multimedia Systems

    503. Principals of Marketing 603. Introduction to SysPro And Operating Systems

    504. Core Java 604. Advance Java

    505. Project work (VB) 605. Project Work (Banking & Finance, Cost Analysis, Financial Analysis, Payroll, EDP,.ERP etc.)

    506. Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (.NET + Core Java) 606. Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (Multimedia — Advanced Java)

    ** B.sc (comp, science)

    Course Structure B.Sc. (Bachelor in Computer Science)

    F.Y.B.Sc .(Computer)


    Paper I : Introduction To Programming and ‘C’ Programming

    Paper II : File Organization and Fundamental of Databases

    Paper III : Lab Course based on ‘C’ programming

    Paper 1V : Lab Course based on O.S.,HTML, Shell Programming and DBMS


    Paper I : Discrete Mathematics

    Paper II : Algebra and Calculus

    Paper III : Practical paper


    Paper I : Electronic Devices, Circuits and Computer Peripherals

    Paper II : Fundamentals of Digital Electronics

    Paper III : Practical Course


    Paper I : Statistical Methods - 1

    Paper II : Statistical Methods - 11

    Paper III : Practical Course in . Statistics

    S.Y.B.Sc .(Computer )



    Paper I : Data Structures ,Image Structures and Related Algorithms in C.

    Paper II : File Structure and Database Concepts- II

    Paper III : Comp Science Lab


    Paper I : Computational Geometry

    Paper II : Operation Research

    Paper III : Mathematics Lab


    Paper I : Microprocessors

    Paper II : Process Control Instrumentation

    Paper III : Electronics Lab


    Paper I : General English



    Paper I : Data Structures ,Image Structures an

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    Both are different in there own way,BscIT-in which along with maths,Physis one specialisation in IT),but in case of BCA( all subject is related to computer and some management subject),i think u can choose BCA instead of Bsc IT.

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    digree cource bca bsc

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    BCA is better as it it is targetted towards a specific area of study. You may chose it in case u intend to make a career in Computer Science/Engg.

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    B C A is the suitable course for you. ICFAI University is offering 3 years degree program in BCA under distance learning mode.

    If your are interested please contact





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