How do I get my ex-girlfriend back?

This girl and I have been dating for a year and a half, we were very serious. We both talked about getting married it wasn't only one way, I gave her a promise ring and she actually gave me one too. Kind of weird right a guy wearing a promise ring? I did nothing wrong that I know of to make our relationship end, we still talk everyday and still says i love you and hang out and stuff, but what do I need to do to get her to realize what we had is still there I know it is I'm only 22 years old but I know this is true love and i'm pretty sure it's both ways...I don't want to move on but i have tried to find someone else but she gets mad and tries to say it's over for good? Well if she's saying it's over for good when I act like I'm moving on then why aren't we together in the first place...What do I have to do to show this girl that she is my world? I mean she says I'm a great guy and all this stuff and her family loves me and mine loves her and really our families love eachother it's like we are already married...Any answer will help just don't be dumb...

I tell her I love her and everything i tell her how much she means and have actually got in a couple of fights over her...What else is there to do?

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    If she still says she loves you but makes no effort to get back together with you then I think she's using you for a back-up in case no one better comes along.

    Give her an ultimatum, be your girl or leave you alone. There's no reason for her to keep playing with your heart if she really loves you. If she chooses not to get back with you then don't talk or have any contact with her until she changes her mind. Though it seems you should really move on. She's playing too many games with you, doesn't seem like the kind of woman you should marry or who is really ready for marriage.

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    this is complicated even if im a girl.. lol.. ok.. let me see.. well if you havent done anything bad to end the relationship n you tell her you love her n your their for her.. then their is nothing you can do... all i could tell you is take her some where that you guys can actually talk.. n ask her seriously.. if she wants to continue the relationship if not to let you go.. or what are you doing wrong.. or what is wrong with her... or just ask her what ever you feel. im pretty sure you would ask her the right stuff.. you sound like a nice guy... because to me is her.. just letting you go.. well thats what it sounds like it.. n i mean to me i think you are still to young to get marry.. dont do the mistake to get marry n then get divorce a year later.. so just wait.. n talk to her..

    Source(s): n hopefully you fix your relationship.. good luck!!!
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    You should talk to her and figure out if she ever plans on getting back together with you. Because she can't keep stringing you along. Either she is your girlfriend or not. If not you should be able to date other people. Explain to her that you love her and if she does not feel the same way move on. Because there could be some other girl out there that is meant for you and she is wasting your time.

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    If she still says she loves you, why are you two broken up?

    This girl sounds confusing.

    Take her out an a nice date, a really nice one. Maybe propose to her?

    Or have a deep conversation with her about you two. Tell her that you should be together again.

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    its good she is still with you .

    but for women its relly difficult to forgive .

    if you have broken her trust it will take long to get it back . women can never forgive and forget.

    give some more time to her ,

    its not a family has to marry her .

    she has to merry you ?

    yu have to dwell the confidence in her that you will not be repeating the mistake .

    anh you have improved.

    just give it some more time.

    if you relly love her , then do all the efforts to keep her.

    because a lost love is the most painful thing to happen.

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    if you love her... just be comfortable and tell her... "you're the only person who can rock my world". Give her a punch line that can melt her heart... assure her that she's the only one... be committed...

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