When can I expect my online criminal record to be cleared?

I had two criminal charges against me that were unfounded. One was dropped and the other was dismissed. I am on the verge of getting a really good job now but I am afraid because the online county record still pulls up my charges. Even though I have been adjudicated clean of both charges, I don't like that they still show up on the online Dallas County search! http://www.dallascounty.org/pars2/# This is the website where it pulls up. This could ruin my chances! :( On Jan. 15, the judge signed off on everything. How long before it is taken down from the online search?

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    1 decade ago
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    I was trying to get something off of my record, and it all depends on the charge. Call your local DISTRICT ATTORNEY. I live in Houston, so Im sure it all goes the same way in Dallas. You need to first know if your charges can even be removed at all. Mine cant, but when I was on probation he told me I could get it removed. Don't pay those companies $300-$500 to do it. Its not hard if you have time to do it. First step is calling your local District Attorney.

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    I am not sure how Texas runs it, but Arizona will not remove arrests or convictions from your record. It stays forever. It will show, as the case was dismissed or you were acquitted, but the record of the arrest is there forever. If you lied on your application and stated you had never been arrested, then you will likely be found at and terminated.

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