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found out my dog has mange?

so we adopted a dog from our local shelter at the end of October and I recently noticed she had a little red patch of missing hair no bigger then a dime on her front right leg so I took her in for a check up and they said it was demodectic mange, she is a year old and I have been doing some research online but her leg doesn't look anything like what the symptoms describe or any of the pictures and so far I have just read it is uncommon in adult dogs to just flare up and it is usually an underlying immune deficiency, the spot is also only located in that one small spot on the front of her right leg like a lick sore or something she doesn't bother it though never itches or bites at it or anything and it hasn't spread at all, they said they did a skin scraping and confirmed it but I dont know does anyone have any advice or has had a similar experience, thank you for your help


the vet wanted to do ivermectin and some other stuff but if I leave it alone it will heal up within a few weeks

Update 2:

this is a 4.5 lb chihuahua if that makes any difference as well thank you all for you comments they are all very helpful

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    For now it is localized and should resolve on it's own within four to six weeks. It typically comes up in adolescent pups around 5 - 9 months of age, but can crop up in older dogs when their immune system is stressed.

    Since your dog was at a shelter, it may have been enough to trigger an outbreak. If you notice the spot getting significantly larger or other spots appearing, especially on the body, it is an indication that it is moving to a generalized state. If that happens, you are looking at a much more serious scenario that will require treatment.

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    My dog developed demadeptic(idk how to spell it) mange over the winter which the vet said was caused by the stress of her puppies going to new homes. The bathing idea definately wont work because there are 2 types of mange. My dog was given a shot and had to take vitamins and prednisone pills for 2 weeks. But i know that the other type of mange is uncurable. Take the dog to the vet so it can get tested to see which type it is. Bathing the dog numerous time could make it even worse.

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    Demodex can often flare up in times of stress (like being in a shelter) too. Did the person making the diagnosis do a skin scraping and check it under a microscope? Most dogs will show a few mites but a lot may mean treatment is needed. ** topical treatments do NOT work as the mites live at the base of the hair shaft - chemical treatment involves ivomec injections or oral syrup, or a spot-on that treats demodex mites.

    Many people are now choosing to try and boost the dog's immune system rather than using strong pesticides such as ivomectin or advantage. This is done by feeding a natural diet of raw meat, meaty bones and offal rather than processed commercial foods with grains and cooked proteins. The idea is that by reducing digestive stress on the body that the immune system will function at its peak.

    Source(s): Dogs are Carnivores" An article clearly explaining the physiological reasons behind this classification A feeding guide published by Tom Lonsdale, a vet who advocates raw feeding and has been widely published A website debunking some of the many myths regarding raw feeding and bones.
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    My little dog got mange and she also had a skin scraping.

    Most pictures on the internet of mange are usually of really bad cases. Mange can turn the dog's skin rough and hairless.

    But early stages are like little dandruffy patches that the dog may or may not find uncomfortable.

    We were given a medicated shampoo to get rid of the mites that live in the skin and the mange went away within a few washings.


    If the patch grows any bigger, and because your dog is quite small, it's very likely you will need medication for it as mites are.... well, bugs that live in the skin.

    my dog is a 2.5 yorkie (fully grown) btw

    also ignore brandy's post.

    There's a next to zero chance that any other dogs that come in contact and people who come in contact with the dog will get mange.

    my dog was around little kids, my family, and other dogs and I've still yet to have to have been notified of them getting mange.

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    at the shelter i work at which gets no funding other than donations, we give the dogs with mange a pea to dime size bit of ivermectin in their food every other day for 3 days, ( we buy the ivermectin horse wormer at teh feed store its between 3$ and 7$ a tube that lasts a long time) and we rub olive oil on the dry skin 2 times a day, clears right can also use vet Rx on the skin also not that much works awesome we get it from , not the typical way but works great and allows the shelter to treat and house several dogs that would not have been able to with the big vet bill for each

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  • You do need to boost the immune system, but this being such a small dog, and prone to maybe being nervous alot, (who wouldn't be when everything is so much bigger than you?) stress can cause outbreaks and staph infection can occur, I believe I would also opt for the ivermectin, not the horse paste formula, as strictly directed by your vet.

    The shampoo w

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    Keep your dog's immune system in good shape to help protect him against demodetic mange or speed his recovery. Feed your pup a healthy diet and stay on top of flea, worm, and heartworm prevention.

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  • I've only had a dog with a really bad case of mange, and that was a rescue... Just use the medicine or medicated shampoo the vet gave you. You don't want that crap spreading.

    BTW, please use periods at the end of sentences? Pretty please. It hurts my head to read so many ideas without breaks.

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    Normally their is a soap for anti-mange or take a petrolium jelly and put it on the affected area regularly or even buy a lotion rich in milk or for dry skin...

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    Not sure if you are aware of this or not but humans can get mange from their dogs so keep that in mind.

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