Potty training boys-What kind of training potty did you use?

My son is 16 months old and getting ready to start potty training (we think). I got on walmart.com tonight to browse our options, but there are so many! On the go potties (which we liked), the seat that attaches to the grown up seat, a urinal, the floor potty that converts into a step stool. So.......my question is...what training potty/urinal did you use for your little boy and how would you review it? Thanks so much!

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  • When potty training my son we had two different potties. The Fisher Price one that sings and makes flushing noises was too much of a distraction and he would end up crying and played with it more than he sat on it...we sold it in a yard sale. The other one was a little cheap potty that had a foam seat that you flipped over to use the splash guard feature for little boys. He was so big he ended up peeing over the splash guard and not on the floor. We ended up using our regular toilet and a step stool. He learned a lot better this way and we taught him to back up so that his penis was pointing down and he would not pee all over the seat and the floor.

    16 months old does seem a little young. We did not start until 30 months but you ultimately know whether your son is ready or not. Good luck!

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    It is crucial to potty train your kid when ahead of he starts going to college. It is needed for them to avoid undesired accidents at school. A lot of schools and day cares of the modern times neglect Those young children who are not entirely potty skilled so if you want to understand how to potty train your youngster in only 3 day you will need to have this https://tr.im/i8xeT

    Start Potty Training by Carol Cline comes with a number of various potty training PDFs, video presentations that the mothers and fathers can go through to assist them speedily and simply teach the effective toilet training strategy to their kid.

    The very first six chapters of the program contain background of potty training along with the approaches to prepare for the procedure. It also includes the details about the right age of your youngster that is ideal for starting the potty training. It also discusses the indications that you must discover in your youngster to comprehend if he or she is ready for the very same or not.

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    We had a few different ones but he preferred the floor potty chair at first. As he got a little older he preferred the one that sits on top of the grown up seat. I think it varies by child though; good luck! (We didn't start until he turned 2 so age might be a factor as far as what type they prefer, as well.)

    Here's one similar to the one we started with (they've changed the look a little since then), it was my favorite as far as potty chairs and cleaning goes. http://www.babybjorn.com/en/American/products/Bath...

    ETA: I disliked cleaning potties, lol, so I have to add one more thing. Here is the one my parents have and it is the easiest one there is as far as cleaning goes. I LOVE it and will be getting one for Connor some day!


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    we used a seat that u put on top of a regular adult toilet it also had handles on the sides for my son to hold onto..theyre good because u can just flush it down u dont have to clean the it like the floor potties (well ofcourse sanitizing it like w/anything else) i also went to the library and got a cartoon video about potty training and they sang a little song..he loved it! he would watch it everyday all day for like a month and was potty trained in no time..that whole thing about boys potty training slower just isnt true u just gotta make it fun for them

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  • 1 decade ago

    Honest to goodness, I tried everything with my little boy.

    My favorite was the Baby Bjorn seat that attaches to the grown-up toilet seat. It will adjust to fit ANY toilet seat, and it's very sturdy. (You need a good stool to go with it, of course.) Clean-up is definitely easier than with a potty chair, since there's no dumping required (and no risk of, say, tripping over a full potty in the middle of the night, which is *awesome*), and it gets the child used to sitting on a grown-up toilet right from the get-go.

    Since your son is still pretty little, though, I doubt he could get on and off a grown-up toilet on his own (and that's kind of key). Of all the potty chairs I tried (seriously, I bought at least 4), Baby Bjorn again won out. Their potty chairs (both the "little potty" and the regular-sized one) are very sturdy and comfortable -- and easier to clean, since they're only one piece (no icky stuff getting caked in crevices).

    And all the Baby Bjorn products have a smooth, raised lip to help keep little-boy spray where it belongs.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i bought the fisher price royal potty (might be called something else where you are)... it is a regular potty that applauds when they wee or poo.. it came with a sticker chart n stickers and can attach to a normal sized toilet..

    I would HIGHLY recommend this if you can get 1.. i tried 3 others b4 this one it was a life saver... it was around $30 aud

  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    I started training my son at 2, and I trained him sitting down because I wasn't sure if he needed to go 1 or 2 so I just had him sit down for both and when he got a little older my husband taught him how to aim it lol.

  • 1 decade ago

    Good luck! 16 months seems a little young to me - especially for a boy. BUT, back to your question. I had 4 kids and have 4 grandchildren. I like the kind that attachs to the adult toilet, and I provide a step stool. They like it beetter usually - and it's much easier to clean up!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My son preferred the seat that sits on the adult toilet, we taught him to sit & then once he got that down we worked on standing up, but the only problem we had is he didn't like going the bathroom on other people's toilets & would hold it until we got home (number 2) he would pee.

    I wanted to get another one to take with us places, but i never did.....

  • KitKat
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    1 decade ago

    skip the toy potties -buy a step stool and teach your child how to use the one in your home.

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