has anyone ever had problems getting a claim paid usaa insurance in hawaii?

my soldier daughter lives in hawaii, there was a flood, her car was water damaged, her insurance is usaa, an internet insurance company, they gave her a rent a car, asked her to get an estimate, now, 4 weeks later they told her to return the rental car and they are not going to pay the damage to the car because my daughter took too long, is this legal? my daughter did let them know and they said they would call her back, what should i tell my child to do?

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    Get an estimate and send it to the internet insurance Company. They do not have an agent to look at the car.

    If they refused to pay then she can take then to small claim court. Most court require 3 estimate. You take the numbers off the highest one.

    Source(s): Some one hit my park car. Their insurace refuse to pay 100%. I send a small claim summon and they settle.
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    Why did it take her 4 weeks to get an estimate?

    The insurance company is not going to pay for a rental car indefinitely. Most likely, she has to turn the rental car in because the coverage limit has been exhausted.

    There is also a lot more to this story than you are telling us.

    Source(s): Insurance Adjuster 12 years
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    USAA is consistently rated among the top 3 insurance companies regarding paying claims quickly and fairly. If there is a problem your daughter did something wrong. There is something she is not telling you or something you are not telling us. There is nothing illegal about their refusing to pay a claim. She can appeal their decision. The insurance policy will have a section with instructions about how disputed claims will be handled.

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