Are people in the Politics section simply hard-core hacks with a fixed political bent?

Libertards are only one way.

Conservabots are all a different way.

Republipukes are always the problem.

Democraps are always the problem.

Is it really this silly here?


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    Well, this is the web where blessed anonymity (seemingly) reigns.

    It is possible that all four intransigent categories you mention consist of one teenage script kiddie with a powerful computer and too much time on his hands.

    I have come to some conjectures about what is probable:

    1. There are many fewer people in those categories than there seem to be.

    2. Some of the "top contributors" are either part of a small group that star each other and select each other for best answers or are in fact single people with multiple accounts who give themselves best answers.

    3. The true measure of a person is what he does anonymously. Some of these folk, if they are sincere in their narrow-minded, intransigent hating, don't measure up as humans with any hope.

    4. There are pearls and diamonds among the offal. Read the answers and you will find a few. I have found a couple of people I can really respect for their perspicacity.

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    This section is about as silly as a third grade classroom with a comperable level of logic. But I have found out that I can know what is being broadcast on Limpball, Fox News, Air America, etc. as it happens by looking at the questions. Its like watching Short Attention Span Theatre with points.

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    I think people just post here to blow off steam from work or at school. That and the fact that not alot of people here are exactly "open minded" material

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    Yeah... better than tv though. After a couple of white russians it gets even better.

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    Silly doesn't begin to describe it. We need a whole new dictionary.

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    Get out of my head, man.

    I was thinking that exact same thing today.

    Who would have thought you and I would agree on something.

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