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Can I go back to the LASD police academy?

I got "separated"(kicked out) from my class last week(after 1 month at the academy) mainly due to the academics(failed same test twice). I blame my lack of study(underestimated & studied only 10 minutes for the test instead of an hour or more). Also, I lacked commitment(not polishing my shoes, not shaving my hair, not memorizing my penal codes, no leadership). I guess didn't take the program seriously. Because of this, my lieutenant told me, "We're going to recommend that you not allowed to come back to the academy. But ultimate decision is made by the personnel". Now I really regret what I did. I want to go back. I'm going to contact the personnell tomorrow. What do you think? Do I have a chance of getting back in?

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    Not right away. They will tell you to come in a year or two. If you were just dropped they can not take you back as you will have to go into a new class and start over. Also it the policy of the LASD to wait a year so that they can review your records and decide if they fell you should be let back in for a second try. If you mess up again that's it no third times the charm.

    So don't bother calling them just wait a year and then try again. This way you can reflect on what happened and be ready to do the studying and work necessary to be a LASD officer. In the mean time you might want to get a job as a Security Guard to get some basic insight to what you will come across in daily life. But be sure the company you choose is Reputable or even try Mall security and not a shady fly by night company.

    Good luck in a years time and next time study for more than an hour and do as you are told. Shine shoes shave, etc.

    Watch The Academy on Fox Reality so you can get an even better idea of to expect when you try again. Go to

    We need people like you who are interested in Law Enforcement.

    Source(s): The Academy on Fox Reality and I am a current Security Guard who did Mall Security for 4 Years.
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  • You showed no interest in it the first time why should you get a second chance?

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