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Jason asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 1 decade ago

i work out like crazy everyday, but no abs or defined muscles yet! help me :(?

im 18, used to be huge. now i lost a lot of weight. i was 176 when i was 16, now im 145. since i began dating my gf, i gained 15 lbs... idk if its muscle or fat though... cuz i go to the gym A LOT. i lift weights A LOT. i run ALOT...

but im not seeing the results... i need advice.

like, idk what to eat for a diet. i look online for these diets that work but idk if they do.

and idk what kinda routine i should do at the gym. when i go, i mix it up very little. but i always run at least a mile and a half to 3 miles. i do the stairmaster for a mile. i do ab workouts, weight lifting, etc.

can anyone please post their workout routine and their diet. itd help if your a guy and were fat and now have abs, that way i know i can do it too if i stick to the advice you give me.

PLEASE help!!! thanks. i need this for my self esteem, i was once 130 now im 15lbs heavier. i hate it :( i want abs. i can see two, the other 4 though are tough to get but i know they are there, i need to burn what little stomach fat i got left though.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ive been working out for a couple of years now, and i know just what u mean. Its not easy to keep a toned midsection, especially with a gf. But all i can say is stay true to an actual diet, and stay away from soda and sugar drinks, the carbs kill you. Most of your food you eat is eventually turned into liquid anyway, so cut out the extra carbs which i know isnt easy, so start liking water now, its a big help. Also, push yourself every time you do cardio. I work out like crazy, and it wasnt til i really wore myself out til i got results. Hope i helped, pce.

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