Speech about love? Please help..?

I am in the 10th grade and for English I have to do a speech about love.. About like the true meaning of love. I want it to be passionate but not to mushy. I have no idea what to write and I need a speech fast because it's due 1-23-09.. Any answers??

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    Love isn't rolling ur eyes.Love isn't something u can see ,but it is a feeling.I always question it because sometimes is like its not real.To most guys love is just kisses hugs and sex ,but to the girls its just the feeling of just having someone there. A best friend.A best friend that its ok to hug and kiss. a best friend that can look u in the face and say the words,i ♥u

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    Since you are in 10th grade and you don't want it too mushy, why don't you talk about the different types of love. Boy-Girl love, married love, for a pet, for a car, etc. You get the point. The thing is you could make your speech lighthearted and funny too, which I think being clever is quite smart to do in a speech. Like loving peanut butter? The differences and similarities could be things people haven't thought of before. It gets them to listen and consider. So, what is the true meaning of love? Even though you have some funny stuff, it can also be passionate.

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    Define it from a dictionary. Relate it to your current literature. What are you seeing? How is it different? Is it mature?

    Separate- mother's love (family)

    love for a pet

    crush/puppy love

    passionate love - the difference between loving someone and actually being in love with someone.


    Source(s): Separate each one and write. It will get clearer.
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    you can quote a little from the bible.

    i like corinthians 13 4-8 =]


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    I would sugggest doing some reseach on love...or reading some classic romance novels.

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