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Why am i so picky is there a reason for this?

i am so so so picky about food i hate it to i never used to be but i am so picky now like ill love something for a month and then hate it and never eat it again i feel like my taste buds are constantly changing and i only wanna eat the food that im in the mood for it takes me so long to find a food that i actually want to eat i wont eat for hours unless the thing i eat is something that actually satisfys me i hate it can someone please tell me why i am like this

and also when i eat something when i have a head ache or stomache ache or just dont feel well i can never eat that food again i gag just thinking about omg

and im not fat or anything lol

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    Believe it or not, food aversions are more common than you may think. You might find this article interesting:

    It's mind over matter. Sounds like you're thinking about it too much, and are telling yourself that you're not going to like things anymore. The mind is a powerful thing.



    Food aversions have been classified into four types: foods that are rejected because they are dangerous, inappropriate, disgusting, or distasteful. We consider foods to be dangerous, and therefore do not eat these foods, if eating them has previously resulted in physical harm, or if eating these foods is reputed to cause physical harm. However, a dangerous food, such as poisonous mushrooms, would be eaten by someone if there were some medication to prevent any illness from occurring.


    There is also a forum in the UK dedicated to exactly this predicament! The home page of the website ( says "If you're an adult picky eater, chances are you thought you were the only one!" Here's an excerpt from their site:

    The reasons why one's diet is restricted - While we seem to be a fairly diverse group, many Picky Eaters do not refuse the majority of their avoided foods because they just don't like the taste, or because of some aversive physical reaction to them. Often they have never even tried the foods they avoid. They just can't bring themselves to put these foods in their mouth. What happens when they do is another story - they may well dislike certain tastes or textures to the point of not being able to tolerate them. Many picky eaters will say that certain foods just don't seem like food to them. For many the avoidance is more like an instinct about certain foods than an attitude learned from experience with that particular food.

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    omg thank god there's someone else out there with the same problem as me! i was never this picky over food but now most foods disgust me. except the last part about headache isn't true for me. i still eat the food. i honestly have no idea why this is happening but i guess it's cause were older and realize what the food actually is and we start to dislike it?

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    Think about all the children in the world that just died in the last 5 seconds from starvation, if that doesn't stop you then nothing will. Some people don't know how good they have it and need to complain about silly things.

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    Your age may be a factor. Changing body, mind and soul. Or maybe your trying to find yourself. It good at a young age to find yourself so nobody can tell you differently.

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    Hmmm...well maybe your body just needs different food like not one variety of food but lots..idk just a guess

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    Because you touch yourself at night

  • i am too. i guess our body is picky. i dont think we can control it. oh well youre not alone =)

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