Question of personal nature...apologies...Can a Mormon be devote & pious, yet wear initmate apparel/lingerie?

Apologies for the personal, private nature of the question, but I am in a current discussion with a colleague and I was curious about the common sentiment regarding this from fellow Mormons...

Understood completely if you do not care to respond. (I don't think I would if I came across this one myself, Kerry sheepishly admits)

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    We girls--another sister and I--had a conversation about this. You mean, in regards to a lady removing sacred clothing in order dress in a provocative manner for her husband, for an intimate encounter?

    The other sister told me "absolutely!" She told me it was no different than being completely undressed for intimacy (which usually follows, anyway.) As long as it is only for the duration of that encounter. I had no feeling on the subject yet because I was not married at the time and therefore had no occasion to worry about this. But I pretty much agree. I have several sets of nice lingerie myself--only my hubby gets to see it though

    Sorry if this info is a little--acute.

  • 4 years ago

    I suppose it usually *appears* that a hijab wearing Muslimah is more pious though it isn't truly evidence to a woman's heart, mind, soul, and faith. I personally would assume the woman was pious because I likely would know no different and I think it is best to assume the piety of an individual~hijab or not.

  • By devote & pious I will assume you mean by a married woman who has the privilege to wear garments since if they're not married they shouldn't be wearing "intimate" apparel and if they're married but haven't gone to the temple yet then there would be no need for garments and they could wear whatever form of underwear they choose whether it be for personal comfort or intimate moments.

    I'm with bernies mom (among others)...I have never heard of it being inappropriate for the duration of intimate moments with one's spouse so long as (as strplingwarrior said) that it is not demeaning to either individual. However, personally I don't see it being appropriate to keep one's garments off longer than necessary.

    If you were to ever peek into a bridal shower for an LDS bride you'd see that there is almost always at least one item of lingerie included amongst the toasters and crock pots. ;) There's nothing wrong with it IMO.

    Source(s): LDS for 32 years and counting...
  • Kerry, are you assuming that "devote and pious" Mormons are also married and/or endowed? Because of course an un-endowed member may be both devote and pious, and yet be wearing intimate apparel appropriate for their age.

    And yes, many of us married, endowed, and even dowdy :) members still like to spice it up at times.

    But honestly, I still have quite a collection of lacy "unmentionables" that never see the light of day, (but on occasion see candlelight ;) And I do consider myself devote, if not completely pious.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What goes on in the bedroom should generally stay in the bedroom; but in that bedroom one should enjoy what goes on.

    There's nothing wrong with that at all. The best part of a marital fight is making up afterwards. I think that's why I still allow myself to argue with my spouse every now and then (perhaps I should argue more).

    Intimate relations are great for strengthening marriage and marriage should be strong.

    I think the limits should be staying away from anything tasteless and degrading to the love I have for my wife, aside from that go have fun.

  • Minnow
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    1 decade ago

    Honestly, it's up to the individual. I know many folks who wear their garments to bed, and many who don't. Everyone tends to agree you should wear them when in public or out of the house, but the bed thing sort of is a wavy area. My mom always did because she said if there was a fire, she wanted to throw on clothes and run, and not having her garments on would feel wrong. My dad never did because he didn't like the feel of them.

    However, having been around members all my life, I can guarantee you that they have sexy lingerie that they wear for their hubbie or wife for intimate times. I also know more than one member who wore normal underwear under their garments since they didn't like the fit of the garments.

  • 1 decade ago

    My little sister, who is a Mormon, got married last year. For her bridal shower gift, I took her shopping at Victoria's Secret. She picked out a bunch of stuff that was waaaay sexier than I ever expected her to.

    Yes, Mormons wear their special temple underwear every day. But it's nice to know that some of them, at least, can be normal, too. Seeing what my sister picked out for her wedding night and special occasions was a pleasant surprise.

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    I think I owe you a answer...(I also recently asked a question that was on the boundary line of appropriateness and I saw you answered).

    I am not an expert on the subject, nor do I have an authoritative answer...I also am not married here is my unqualified opinion:

    I have heard that the Garments are to stay on at all times except for the 3 S's (swimming, sports, sex).

    I am thinking that the 3rd S "sex" is very related to that...and that in private it would be very appropriate.

  • 1 decade ago

    What you do with your lawfully and wedded spouse is only between you and her. You can still be devoted and pious being intimate with your wife anyway you like. If you two decide to have lingerie or intimate apparel good, it's between you two.

  • 1 decade ago

    With so much wonderful information available, why worry about things not of your concern. Read the Book of Mormon and be truly feasted. If you want to know more, join the church.

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