"Bible believing Christian" - a redundant phrase?

To this day I haven't met a Christian who didn't believe in the Bible - considering Christianity's built on the Bible, I find the phrase pointless, but so many still use it. Why?
Update: Esther: People can believe things to be symbolic or they can believe them to be literal, but both are believing. And who says you have to believe every single word? If you believe the majority of it, you're still a Bible believing Christian.
Update 2: No Chance Without Jesus: I'm sorry, but to say a Catholic doesn't believe in the Bible is daft. They pretty much GAVE you the Bible in the first place.
Update 3: Esther: There is a world out there where shades of gray exist. I can read any book and believe some of it and not other parts of it. The Bible is no exception. I'm not talking about myself though, I'm not a Christian.
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