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Help!! Im really need help!!!?

Well, about a year ago, I started to fear things like eternal suffering, hell,etc. Things about the afterlife. After those fears, I told my mother and she sent me to these Judiasm classes. I am a Reform(half blood) Jew. But never really practiced it. But I also started to wonder about Jesus and Christianity. I never asked my Rabbi about it because he was very busy. Soon, the fear started to become worse. I became more and more of the fear about the Christian hell. So I found out that the holy spirit was trying to tell me something. Then I decided to learn about both the Jewish religion and Christianity. I talked about this to my Piano teacher(private lessons). Since he was religious, he told me many things. Soon , I was somehow automatically believing in Jesus. I dont know why. Some days I feel very depressed about the fear and asking G-d, "What are you trying to tell me?" Ive been depressed for days on end at times. But I never had the chance to read about the Torah and the New Testament. And about 2 weeks ago, I started asking G-d for forgiveness about sins that I have done through the past and present. Sometimes I might even mention Jesus in the prayer. I feel like G-d is trying to tell me something but do not know what. I dont want to leave Judaism, I feel very warm hearted by all the people of Jewish people. I LOVE Judaism, but do not want to leave it, because If I believe in Jesus, I will be rejected by Judaism. Now I know that in Jewish religion that Jesus never really fulfilled the prophesies, but I feel like that he is meant something in life. I really want to know what G-d is trying to tell me. What is he trying to tell me? I mean of course that I dont want to go to hell , but thats not the reason why Im wanting to do these things. And what I sometimes feel is that in Christianity, is says that if you do not believe in Jesus, you go to hell. I dont not understand that because what would happen if someone was a warm hearted, extremely nice,person. A person who helped other people from around the world all there life. And still not be accepted into heaven because he does not believe in Jesus. I know that sin keeps people away from heaven but why wouldnt G-d forgive him and let him through. This is the subject that Judaism helps me with. But I really do feel the Jesus was the Messiah. And Its driving me crazy to find the answers. What is G-d trying to tell me???

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    .....That God doesn't grade on a curve.

    The purpose of the law was to show us God's standard of holiness, righteousness, and perfection....and that man in our fallen Adamic condition can NEVER fulfill every jot and tittle of the law.

    To paraphrase Jesus: You who live by the law, have you not read the law? If God's law is only kept in part, then all the law is considered to be broken, and atonement has to be made. And by law, that atonement was an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life.

    That's why there were high priests and sacrifices in the Temple......either the offender personally paid the terrible price, or the blood of bulls was goats was offered as a substitute. It didn't wash away sins and change a man's heart like the perfect sacrifice of Jesus did.......but the blood of animals did offer an outward cleansing and a temporary forgiveness. But it was temporary - that's why sacrifices had to be made year after year.....such rituals could never perfect a man in God's sight.

    Consider this: If you can't comprehend the idea of a "good man" going to hell, then again - look at the law: You may not murder, lie, or steal....but if you do not honor your parents, then in the sight of God you are guilty of breaking every other commandment of the law - and because God is righteous and holy, the punishment for breaking His law is death. So if a good man can't go to hell, then a bad man can't go to heaven.

    And according to the righteous requirements of the law......every man has broken the law, therefore every man is "bad". You see, it isn't Christianity which is mutually exclusive, but those who live by the law who excludes everyone from the kingdom. But they don't know that, because unlike God, man DOES "grade himself on a curve".

    Again, because of our infirmities, the law was not given to make us righteous in God's sight, or to give Him a "good excuse" to cast sinners into hell. It was given to show us our need for a Savior. What Jesus did on the cross satisfies God's righteous requirement in fulfilling every letter of the law....including the commandments that say those who break the law must die. Jesus did that so we don't have to.

    What Jesus did also satisfies God's mercy and lovingkindness, in offering us a salvation and relationship with Him that we could never do enough "good" to deserve.

    Salvation isn't about our actions or earning His grace...but it is about what is in the heart. And as Jesus told Nicodemus, unless one is born again (given a brand new heart through faith in Christ), that man will never see or enter the kingdom of God.

    Therefore Jews who try to live by the requirements of the law must die by the requirements of the law....whether men consider themselves "moral" or not. Gentiles who live without the law will die in their sins without the law.....but the wages of sin for both will still be eternal death.

    The Ecclesia - the called out ones (the church) who live by the One who fulfilled every righteous requirement of the law in His life and in death, will live and abide in God's kingdom forever.....because in His death God's grace is sufficient for ALL people who would believe to enter into heaven. And it is by HIS works, and not our own, that we truly live and abide in Him.

    So you see, Christianity is not unjust or mutually exclusive as your question implies, but it is founded on God's perfect justice, and in His perfect mercy to be all-inclusive and make His Presence available to all who believe.

    Personally, I don't want to believe I can get to heaven on my own merit......if that's what it takes, I won't have a snowball's chance in hell.....even though I may be "moral" compared to some.

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    First I'd seek counciling in general...because being this stressed out over religion is indication that something else is going on.

    Then when you've relaxed a bit. Take more classes, learn each religion & figure out what you are comfortable with. Talk with your Mom too!!!

    You can have a warm connection with in Christianity, so that's not just Judaism. You can't believe in Jesus & be Jewish because the Christ concepts contradict Judaism. It's not that Judasim will reject's that you will have rejected Judaism.

    While it may seem worrisome of whether there's a hell or heaven, that's when it's time to talk with someone about it being so worrisome. I think you may be experiencing the fear that those concepts bring. They aren't a part of Judaism & as a Jewish person I'd tend to say don't worry. They seem to worrisome & hard to accept because they are that way -- & that's a good enough reason to not accept them. After all no one's been there & back to tell us about it with certainty.

    Good luck.

    On Judaism, there are a lot of good sites out there: (I may have that not quite accurately)

    and more.


    BTW, Jews for Jesus & all the other groups like them are evangelical Christians who call themselves Jews while being Christians in order to convert vulnerable Jews to Christianity. By all means stay away from them, messanic "jews", completed "jews, christain hebrews. If you like Christianity, then find an honest Christian denomination & join that. It will be a lot more spiritual in the long run.

    Additional comment:

    Judaism doesn't require perfection as you already know. There are branches of Christanity that teach all sorts of things about Judaism such as about the old Temple sacrifices that are completely incorrect. The Jewfaq site has much better information on Judaism than that.

    Please do bug your Rabbi. He/she should never be too busy to set some time aside for you. If so, find another Rabbi to talk with. Judaism IS about asking questions!!

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    What is Hashem telliogn you? To go and study Judaism and find out what you shuld know. From what you write it is clear that you are obviously very ignorant about Judaism to start with:

    1) there is NO HELL

    2) there is NO Devil

    3) G-d does not manifest to produce physical children; that is a concept straight out of the pagan religions that were around at the time- you find the Greek and Roman gods having bastards all over the place that ended up as great heroes and divinities themselves.

    As for Jesus, he completely fails to fulfill any of the prophecies about the mashiach- there is no world peace, the dead were never resurrected, the Jews did not become priests to the world, the Temple is destroyed, there is no temple service and so on. As for what he taught- the ideas ofheling others and lovign people were taught by the Jewish sages fro centuries before he was ever around!

    Go and study your own religion, discover what you missing before you end up becoming a Christian and an outcast from the Jewish community.

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    I'm actually going to take time to answer this one. I'll do it neatly structured with each point. 1 - Totally irrelevant. You can be straight and like shopping. Men actually like shopping, you don't HAVE to be a woman or a homosexual to like shopping. 2 - If you don't get turned on by gay sex, then the chances are you're not gay. But you're 14 so you've still got time to find out who you truly are. Its a marathon, not a sprint. 3 - This one made me laugh. It's cute, and i'm sure you're not the only one. Many guys like the idea of pain or synthetic material. Fetish perhaps? ;) 4 - You're young and your hormones are going crazy, you might not know what to feel about sex or anything else related to it yet. Give it time. 5 - Relate back to my fetish point earlier. Wrestle porn is actually a huge hit these days. Again, wait a while and your feelings might change. 6 - Blood is warm, hands are warm because our body retains heat. The heat is passed through the hand onto your back, making your back warm? ;) 7 - You're young, so you having an ACTUAL loving relationship is very unlikely. It's probably a crush and you'll probably realize you're not that bothered if you're with or without her. If you're unsure about her, then get rid of her until you feel more comfortable with yourself. if you don't feel ready to kiss someone yet, you don't have to. 8 - Ok, consider asexuality. If you don't find neither men/women sexually attractive you may be asexual. Asexuality is where you don't find either sex attractive. Again, you're 14 and you might not have began puberty yet, a late bloomer but nothing is an issue. 9 - I know i keep saying this, you're 14. You don't need to find women attractive or men either. Have friends, have a laugh and wait until you feel comfortable. Being gay is something you are, you can't help it and you can't choose not to be. You can still raise your own family with another man, but you'd have to consider alternate options for having children etc. Hope this helped a few things, James x P.s - Know that whatever you choose to do in life, you will always have someone there to support you 100% of the way. Enjoy your happy life.

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    You said you know that Jesus did not fulfill the prophesies that the messiah is required to fulfill, but yet you feel he was the messiah.This makes no sense.

    In Christianity Jesus is not just thought of as the messiah, he is also equal to God and the son of God, and if you don't believe that and accept him into your heart as your lord and savior you will not have eternal life and will go to hell.

    I was a Christian and left, I hold no longer hold any Christian beliefs or any fear of burning in hell for all eternity.

    To truly learn about any religion you must read, learn and study for yourself, sometimes it is necessary to ask questions, but you should never just take someones word that what they are telling you is true, you must always do the research yourself to see if it is accurate.

    I have done the research and have studied the Christian Bible both the OT and the NT in english and in the original languages that it was written in, Greek for the NT, and Hebrew for the OT.

    When you compare a english written Christian Bible to a Torah/Tanach in Hebrew (what the Christians call the OT) you will find that the Christian Bible is full of full of mistranslations, misinterpretations, and contradictions.

    All of the prophesies in the Torah/Tanach that are messianic prophesies have been mistranslated and misinterpreted and even been taken out of context in places to make them all point to Jesus as the messiah.

    The Christians turned Jesus into a God, the son of God, the savior and the messiah.

    Christians identify Jesus as being the Messiah and define him as God incarnated as a man, and believe that he died for the sins of humanity as a blood sacrifice.

    This means that one has to accept the idea that the death of Jesus can atone for another person's sins.

    The Christian idea of the Messiah also assumes that God wants, and will accept, a human sacrifice, when God has condemned human sacrifice of any kind. Jesus did not die for anyones sins let alone all mankind.

    Is God A Lier?

    Numbers 23:19) "God is not a man that He should be deceitful, nor a son of man that He should relent.

    The answer must be NO!!! God does not lie.

    Well now don't you think that if Gods Messiah was supposed to suffer and die for the sins of mankind, and then have a second coming to finish what he didn't do the first time that God would have said something like this in his Holy Torah?

    The Messiah when he comes will be born from 2 human parents, he will be an ordinary person, and he will fulfill ALL the messianic prophesies in 1 life time, before he dies, and he will not be worshiped as God or the son of God.

    Jesus was a mortal man not a God, not the son of God, and he is not the promised messiah.

    Christianity is the only religion that says if you don't accept their teaching and beliefs and accept Jesus as your lord and savior you will burn in hell for all eternity, they are WRONG there are many paths to God not just one.

    Every other religion out there and every other person out there OTHER THAN a Christian following Christianity all believe that God will judge each and every person on what kind of life they led. Except of course for the people who don't believe in any God.

    Contrary to what you will be told by any Christian


    Isaiah 40:25) "To whom can you liken me that I should be his equal?"

    Isaiah 43:11) "I, only I, am God and there is no deliverer aside from me"

    Isaiah 45:5) "I am God and there is no other; other than me there is no God."

    Isaiah 45:21) There is no other god besides Me: there is no righteous god besides Me and no savior other than Me.

    Isaiah 45:22) Turn to Me and be saved all ends of the earth, for I am God and there is no other.

    The NT simply can not be believed by anyone who has the will to search for the truth with an OPEN MIND.

    You need to go and talk to a Rabbi, and learn about Judaism.

    Judaism does not believe in eternal hell fire and eternal punishment for anyone.

    Here are many sites for you to start to learn and get some correct answers to your questions.

    Maybe this is what God is trying to tell you.

    Jesus is NOT God.

    Fell free to email me anytime.

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    Your soul-searching is understandable. I'm guessing you're in your teens? If so, it is age-appropriate for you, your mom understands, and she tried to get you some help with it.

    However, it sounds to me as though, in your vulnerable state, you have listened to your piano teacher whom you trusted, and this person, however well-intentioned, has exploited your vulnerability by telling you what to believe instead of encouraging you to find that out for yourself.

    Only you can decide what you believe.

    But please educate yourself first?

    If your Judaism classes do not address adequately the issues of spirituality or the afterlife (which would not surprise me at all, Judaism tends not to dwell on these things), then you should go to the Rabbi, tell him what you've told us, and ask for specific guidance and instruction. He will not be too busy to help you, and if, G-d forbid he is, find another Rabbi who understands better how to do his job.

    Being Jewish means not having to live in fear of "eternal damnation" or Hell. For us, these things don't exist! The G-d of the Jews doesn't condemn earnest humans to endless suffering if they are sincere in their efforts to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly. What sort of a loving G-d would?

    Being Jewish means we get to attend to and atone for our sins annually between Rosh haShana and Yom Kippur, not let them rack up for a lifetime, until they become a burden too great for an ordinary person to bear.

    Being Jewish means you can pray directly to G-d, with no intermediary or intercessor. You don't need one! G-d loves you and hears you, just as you are.

    If you know that J*sus did not fulfill the prophecies, what makes you believe he was the messiah?

    Your instincts are correct, G-d forgives those who live a righteous life, and who seek forgiveness for their shortcomings through repentance and good works.

    Please talk to your mom, and to a Rabbi. You don't have to feel so afraid.

    May G-d bless you with peace and a contented heart.

    Source(s): Me, former Hebrew School teacher
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    Don't worry about things you can't possibly know. Here are other possibilities you haven't considered:

    1. There is no hell or heaven. When we die, our brains stop functioning, so there is nothing left of us to experience anything.

    2. God is a gardener. When we die, he takes us out of the garden inside his mansion to decorate it.

    3. God is a hunter. He hunts us all our days until he gets us. But he likes a good chase, so don't even think about committing suicide.


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    Shalom, have you considered finding out about the growing groups of Messianic Jews? It seems that Christians and Jews who believe in Jeshua (Jesus) but still want to hold on to their Jewish roots will merge as prophesied. It seems to me that God has used the Gentiles, after the Jews could not accept Jesus as their saviour,to bring his chosen race back into his loving care, and many Jews are coming round to this. If you can get the God channel on TV or PC take a look. Hope this helps.

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    I think that he is be telling you not to worry about hell and that you was with him in the very beginning keep asking him to direct you and I feel he is also saying to you that you are already saved and there is nothing you can do to make him change his mind and that you will not die.

    I feel you are becoming psychotic and this is due to religion (not god) please see your doctor and discuss your fears for hell with him and he may put you on a mild medication to help your fears.

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    That is not fear that you are feeling, but God convicting your heart. He wants you to turn your life over to Jesus. That is Jesus knocking on your heart's door. Open it up and invite Him in.

    Revelation 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

    You must be Born Again or you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.

    John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

    And this is how you do that... Say this prayer...

    Dear Jesus,

    I am a sinner and I acknowledge that You are the son of God that died on the cross for my sins and rose again on the cross. I am asking for your forgiveness for my sins and I am inviting You to live inside my heart and take over my life. I praise and thank You for this free gift of salvation of which I now accept. In the precious name of Jesus Amen!

    If you prayed this prayer, you are now a Born Again Christian. This is the scripture that tells you what you just did...

    Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

    If you were sincere when you did this, I welcome you into our family in Christ! Now get yourself a KJV study Bible and begin to read it daily. Ask the Holy Ghost through prayer before you begin to read to open it up to you and He will. Take your time. You might have to read the same verse several times before you understand what God is telling you. There are no contradictions in the Scriptures. Contradictions only come from the reader who is not led by the Holy Ghost and not the scriptures.

    2 Peter 1:20-21 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.\

    21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

    It is such a wonderful blessing when a Jewish person becomes Born Again. They are then a Christian Jew. Praise the Lord!

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    Regarding the doctrine of Eternal Torture / alienation from God . . .

    there is no such teaching in either the Hebrew / Aramaic, or, the Greek Scriptures. It was introduced from pagan teachings into apostate Christianity, just over 300 years after Jesus' death. Notice how God feels about such an idea:

    “*Far be it* from the true God to act wickedly,

    and the Almighty to act unjustly!” --Job 34:10

    "... With evil things God *cannot* be tried

    *nor* does he himself try *anyone*." --James 1:13

    “He who has died has been *acquitted* from his sin.” --Romans 6:7

    The ell-fire doctrine twists the meaning of both the word 'hell', & the Scripture about eternal destruction:

    "The modern English word Hell is derived from Old English hel, helle (about 725 AD) and ultimately from Proto-Germanic halja, meaning 'one who covers up or hides something' ". (Wikipedia)

    "Death and Ha′des were hurled into the lake of fire.

    This means the *second death*, the lake of fire." --Revelation 20:14

    Also, the early nation of Israel had no notion of anyone going to heaven at death:

    ". . .The living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all. . ." --Ecclesiastes 9:5

    ". . . There is no work nor devising nor knowledge nor wisdom in She′ol, the place to which you are going." --Ecclesiastes 9:10

    "You will ... return to the ground, for out of it you were taken.

    For dust you are and to dust you will return." --Genesis 3:19

    They did entertain the hope of an eventual resurrection to earthly life, however. Job expressed such faith, saying, in his intense suffering:

    “O that in Sheol [the grave] you would conceal me, . . . that you would set a time limit for me and remember me! . . . You will call, and I myself shall answer you. For the work of your hands you will have a yearning.”—Job 14:13-15.

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    Death's Only Remedy!

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