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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationCar MakesDodge · 1 decade ago

OK Desperate help needed with Dodge Dakota?

Third time ive been back, over 700 dollars spent havent fixed this problem. The problem i refer to is random stalling in my dakota. It will just Shut off completly. then start right back up after i put it in neutral and restart it. Ive Replaced The Coil, Distributor, cap and rotor, map sensor, crank sensor. All of these have only but helped. Before all these it would stall and wouldnt want to start back up. If it helps at all i can smell gas really bad from my exhaust. Is it possible for my 02 sensors to be bad and be flooding it out. ? cause it starts right back up. Stalls at low speeds or at a stop sign/stop light. Please help me i need someone who knows dodge/chrysler!!!


how can i check these sensors? is there a way for me to check them?

Update 2:

I've Read and read and read about dodges and dakota's and i read about the tps having dead spots where when the throttle is at a specific degree it can kill it. When you smell my exhaust any dumb *** person can smell the intense gas smell so i know my 02's are probably bad. truck has 154k miles. willing to bet they are original.

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    one thing that wasn't mentioned was the throttle position sensor if it goes bad or sticks it will cause a flooding situation on it and it may not show to be bad when you scan it,i would guess that or the 0-2 sensor or a bad fuel pressure regulator,im not saying it is any of these but its something to check,it you check these and rule them out it will be easier to diagnose,good luck.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 38 yrs now.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Thanks Dodge man, I suggested the TPS the other week but couldn't positively say it was causing the problem. I understand not wanting to invest another $40.00 after investing 700 but I stated I had a very similar problem and a TPS took care of my erratic idle and occasional stalling, the stalling usually followed by "hard to start" situation. And I agree the O2 sensor could be the problem as well.

    Source(s): Forty five years of shadetree engineering, racing, and home auto repair, all Mopars, mostly Dodges.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm betting on the throttle position sensor. Slowing down at low speeds and stalls. Turning a corner at low speed and letting off of the gas pedal and it stalls. All symptoms of a defective tps.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would say you kind of hit the nail on the head but if it's and O2 sensor, that usually trips the check engine light but in some cases not. It sounds like you may have more than one bad O2 sensor for that much fuel to be entering the engine. Has anyone mentioned the fuel pressure regulator? I would say it's any two of those.

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  • 1 decade ago

    maybe the altenator is not charging properly or has a bad ground connection

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