How has global warming changed the planet?

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    10000 years ago, the land that my street and house sits on was covered by a half mile thick layer of ice. Then the Earth warmed. Now the ice is gone.

    The best climate history, climatology, geology, and archeology suggest that we are in the middle a a brief warm period between two periods of glaciation, one of which ended around 10000 years ago, and another which will begin in about 10000 more (or less).

    1000 years ago, the Earth was warmer than it is now. From around 1350 to around 1850, the planet's inhabitants suffered through was is called the "little ice age." Since around 1650, the planet has been gradually warming. In about another century, we'll be back up to the temperatures that made the Vikings of 1000 years ago call the big island between Ireland and Canada "Greenland".

    Warming or cooling always changes the planet. But there are so many causes that create so many NATURAL cycles of cooling and warming that to egotistically assume that anything Man could do would produce such a big time effect on the planet is laughable, especially when ALL the blame is laid upon Man's activities.

    Here're a few questions to be answered by those who state that global warming is real, is dangerous, and is caused by Man's activities:

    1) What is the current REAL temperature of the planet?

    2) How do you know the answer to #1?

    3) What is the CORRECT temperature of the planet? 1936's record heat waves and droughts? 1977's record cold and blizzards? Mid 1400's summers too cold for crops with snow falling in June and July in Europe?

    4) What temperature kills more people every year? Cold or Hot? (Hint: more people die in Europe and the US of cold or cold induced disease than die of any effects of heat)

    5) What would the climate be RIGHT NOW if Man had never existed?

    6) Is the answer to #5 the "perfect" temperature?

    7) What is worse for humanity: Cutting back our economies to levels sufficient to drop the CO2 levels to the levels of 1850 and thus reduce our ability to keep 6 billion people alive and comfortable? OR putting up with a few extra degrees year round and "getting used to" a change in temperature (1/2 degree per decade - worst case). Animals have already gone through these kinds of changes numerous times without going extinct. They survived the ice ages, the Medieval warm period, the little ice age and the reheating to today's "normal" averages.

    8) What happens if Man cuts back to stone age economies and CO2 levels and temperatures keep going up? Do we get to restart our economies and save a few billion lives?

    9) Why are politicians, environmentalists, and GW fanatics so insistent on labeling anyone who doesn't drink GW coolaid as "skeptics" and "deniers"? Are they afraid all those scientists might come up with valid scientific evidence that does not support their GW religion?

    10) If global warming is real, why has it been repackaged as "Climate Change?" When has the climate ever NOT changed?

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    if you were to ask ten people on the street if mankind was causing global warming, at least eight out of ten would say yes. After all, Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth allegedly provides incontrovertible evidence that this is the case. Both presidential candidates are committed to passing economically devastating legislation that will do little to nothing to stop global warming. Contrary to what is heard in the media, however, there is overwhelming evidence that the warming we are experiencing is natural, with maybe a small amount contributed by man’s activities. Nor is there any scientific consensus. 31,000 scientists have signed a petition stating there is "no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide is causing...catastrophic" warming. The debate is still raging within the scientific community. In this DVD, Sovereignty International has put together interviews of respected climate scientists and biologists from numerous sources who explain, step by step, why Al Gore and the global warming alarmists are incorrect. In some cases, blatantly so.

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    It's made a lot of "carbon trading" people and companies richer.

    It's spawned a few movies and a "documentary" full of bad or since-discredited science.

    It saved Al Gore from complete obscurity.

    It MIGHT actually finally help drive man away from an oil-based economy towards a more permanent technological solution (but higher oil prices push it much harder.)

    It's scared a lot of gullible people into actually believing that the earth could wind up like Venus (it can't.)

    It may be leading to a longer growing season in Russia and Canada.

    This answer will be thumbs-downed by the kind of people who believe Nibiru is real and crystal aliens will sing us into glory.

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    Global warming is affecting the heat of the planet very quickly.

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    It has caused needless panic all over the globe

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    It's warmer.


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