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how the Articles of Confederation Influenced the Constitution?

OK i'm a little confused about what I'm being asked to do the question is asking how the AOC influenced the constitution both positively and negatively. i understand finding the positive influences but how do i find the negative influences. Would I look at the AOC and then see if any bad components are still found in the Constitution. AHH i'm very confused please help me


Mike H thank you so much that helped a lot and cleared it up

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    ok the articles of confederation were known as the first constitution, they set the first rules for the new independent colonies, first they allowed the states to regulate commerce or trade, second they had a weak centralized government, which meant that the government did not have have much power over what the states did, this was a problem since the states would make their own money and their own rules and so if you had 5 dollars in new york then in Massachusetts you may have 10 or less, this was also a problem because states printed alot of money and since it wasn't backed up by gold so it lost its value or it was not worth much, another thing was that the first constitution gave freedom of speech and rights of a just trial to all free men or citizens, it was an example in that this constitution failed but you know as you learn from your mistakes, well the first constitution was ratified and the new constitution contained a stronger centralized government but still gave rights to the people and to be ruled by the people, and as the first constitution it divided the power into branches so no one person could have all the power, a president the head of the people and the congress and the supreme court. also the first constitution was removed because it could not control the states' power and so the case of Sullivan v. Fulton Steamboat Company of the fight between new york and new jersey over the trading in the eerie canal.

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    I think the idea would be to find ways that flaws in the AOC affected the constitution. I think one of the most notable ways this occurred was the lack of power given to the states. The AOC notoriously had very little federal power, and no control over the states. This caused an overreaction by the members of the Constitutional Convention, where the states did not receive as much power as they should have.

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    All the weaknesses of the articles of confederation such as no democracy caused the tiny government to say we need to revise this horrible piece. But after trying and trying to make part by part better they said we need to redo this whole thing and they made the Constitution.

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