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Searching for family; anyone with ancesry membership? very important! Willard S Wilson?

Hello, I am searching for any information pertaining my father and his family and so far its been very tough especially since ssi and the likes have denied me info about them.

My fathers name is Willard Stanley Wilson. He was born Nov.1 1964 and died somewhere around Dec15-21st 1994. I never met him nor my family. He was african american and was born in District of Columbia.

Im not sure when he married my mom, but it was while he was stationed somewhere in Texas. I think it was Fort Hood. My moms name is nancy e beach born nov 27 1965. He served one 6 yr term from year 82-88. He was discharged on honorable conditions. he was rank e-3 but my mom claims he was e-4 when she left him(not sure when that was). He moved up to Fort Lewis WA where i was born(but never got to meet him) he then from what i heard was stationed somewhere in CA where he died in san diego. As for him, that is all i really know.


His father was Willard S Wilson SR making him JR. cannot find any free records about him since idk anything else besides his nickname was Puncho.

Im told his mothers name was Edna Theresa Smith. Maiden name Briscoe, but married to a Jorden Smith. My mom said they lived in maryland possibly rockville or something im unsure.

My mom told me i had a uncle or someone named malvin/Calvin.(cant remember) Tho im not positive again, my sources are limitted.

Im hoping someone with an account in the geneology websites could help me out, i have been looking since i was 16. i am currently 21 with only these leads to go by.

My mom is white heritage(not sure completely because she is adopted so it is assumed she is caucasian) and my oldersister born when they lived in texas is his other daughter Tanya whome the family met i heard when she was a baby. we both wish to kno how heritage and who we are.

some links i found that i cannot access:



aargh, cant find anything else too tired :{

please anyone, any leads is helpful even if its only one piece of information!

if u find any please either post here or email to killreSD@aol.com



Donna L, thank you for your quick response!

About the veteran records etc. I have already filed and all they could give me was his discharge paperwork which didnt include the reasons for discharge or any other information.

ive tried vital records but they told me they could not send the files because they were not to be released. His birth info i dk about nor do i know his death info. each record i have found have given a different date(dec 15, dec 17, and dec 23ish) and i have no idea how he died(they also refused to disclose it to my mom when he passed and still wont) i am hopin to find my family in order to find out and to meet my family.

i thank you again for your quick response :}

Update 2:

thank you so much for the answers i am recieving so far, its really helping me on my search! I cant thank you enough!

Update 3:

SS#: 579-88-3530

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    Nancy E. Beach and Willard S. Wilson, Jr. were married 14 June 1985 in Bell County, Texas.

    Willard Stanley Wilson was born November 1, 1964 in the District of Columbia and died 22 Dec 1994 in San Diego County, California. His mother's maiden name was Briscoe. Apparently, he wasn't buried in a National cemetery, nor with a government grave marker, because I was unable to locate his burial location using he Nationwide Gravesite Locator. I found this information in the California Death Records, but did not locate an entry for him in the Social Security Death Index. If you have his SS#, that might help.

    Tanya Marquita Wilson was born 8 Dec 1986 in Bell County, Texas.

    And yes, Fort Hood is close to or partly in Bell County.

    If you haven't checked this resource, you should:


    Also, you can try posting this message at http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.... This might get you some results. This might also help: http://www.raogk.org/californ4.htm

    Once he gets out of Texas, it's very tough to track him. And I'm not certain I understand why the Social Security people are denying you access to this information. If you can prove you are his daughter, you should be able to get pretty much any information you want. Have you tried ordering a death certificate from California? Here is their website: http://ww2.cdph.ca.gov/certlic/birthdeathmar/Pages...

    If you can get a death certificate with his parent's full name, it will be much easier to track down his family. If I can help, let me know.

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    This is the information from the first link the index part,

    Texas Marriage Collection, 1814-1909 and 1966-2002

    about Willard S Jr Wilson

    Name: Willard S Jr Wilson

    Gender: Male

    Marriage Date: 14 Jun 1985

    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1965

    Age: 20

    Spouse: Nancy E Beach

    Spouse Gender: Female

    Spouse Est Birth Year: abt 1966

    Spouse Age: 19

    Marriage County: Bell

    Marriage State: Texas

    Source: Texas Marriage Index, 1966-2002

    and this is the information from the second index,

    California Death Index, 1940-1997

    about Willard Stanley Wilson

    Name: Willard Stanley Wilson

    Social Security #: 579883530

    Sex: MALE

    Birth Date: 1 Nov 1964

    Birthplace: Dist. of Columbia

    Death Date: 22 Dec 1994

    Death Place: San Diego

    Mother's Maiden Name: Briscoe

    I hope this helps.

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    Neither of these are free, but . . .

    If you go to


    enter his SSN. Click on "Search". When he comes up, click on "SS-5". Print the letter off, add a check for $27, send it in. In 6 - 8 weeks you'll get a copy of his SSN application. It will have his mother and father's names (maiden for the mom), his birth place, birth date, address at the time and occupation, if any, at the time.


    says he died in San Diego County. The county clerk there should sell you a copy of his death certificate, which should have his cause of death.

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