WHY it is SO hard to say goodbye?


Daniel.... I know but I'm Italian.

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    Because when you have something so close to you, you get extremely attached like its a part of you. so saying goodbye to someone or something so close is like saying goodbye to your heart.

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    Difficult To Say Goodbye

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    Attachment theory suggests that if you had secure attachments as a small child - that is, if you were introduced gently to the idea that you can be separate from your mother and that she can be relied upon to return - then you'll find it easier to say goodbye as an adult. If the adults around you were reckless in leaving you alone, not meeting your needs and/or not reassuring you when you were parted from them as a baby or toddler, then you'll probably find separation a terrible wrench as an adult.

    Attachment theory was principally developed by a psychologist called John Bowlby. Wikipedia is a good starting point for learning more.

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    Because even when you're already saying it, you don't believe it either.

    Don't say goodbye if you're not ready. Odds are, you won't be able to.

    And it's most definitely going to be a long time before you are ready.

    I don't know if my answer fits into your context. Your question is so paradoxical. Haha Hope it helps.

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    When you love someone, which this seems to be the case, this person becomes a "part" of you.

    Saying goodbye is like taking a part of you away.

    It hurts emotionally.

    That emotional hurt will ease eventually, but that person will always remain a part of you.

    Be happy.

    Source(s): I'm a widow.
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    saying goodbye is difficult especially when with that person you shared all .... despite the feeling there is more, it has difficulty in implementing the farewell ... sometimes lacks the courage .... sorry if I wrong something in writing, but I stopped going to school a long time ago!


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    Mia cara scusa ti rispondo sempre perche mi piacciono le tue domande ma stavolta non posso proprio conosco appena il Romanesco.

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    you know when you form an emotional attachment to a child?

    Same sort of principle - the mutual investment, time, energy and effort in forming the bond is great. When they leave, the brain registers a loss in investment - a form of regret or loss if you like

    Hope this helps

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    because you just cant let go of that person.. you cant accept the fact that he will not be in your life anymore.. :(

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    depends to who?? in death? in parting?? seperation is awful, it feels similar to rejection... very hard thing to cope with

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