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this question IS A SEQUEL TO THE FIRST ONE I ASKED so plz ur opinions again thanks ( this question includes people like: zaraki kempachi, ichigos dad, urahara soi fon ...show more
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AIZEN is the most powerful character in bleach as of now... why???

we now that ichigo and kenpachi have more spiritual pressure than anyone... we know that yamamoto and urahara have probably the most powerful attacks in bankai form... yoruichi and soifon have the best hand-to-hand combat and flashstep... we know byakuya, mayuri and hitsugaya have the most combat resilience... we know komamura and kenpachi has the best defense... we know that kyoraku, ukitake and unohana are the best swordsman... and we know mayuri, urahara and tessai are the best with kido and technology... we know all of this...

yet aizen is capable to fight on par with all of them... why?? because he has the best control over his own power... and that's why he reached the upper limit.... and fears absolutely nothing... he knows one on one he would win against anyone... but he has to act quickly because if all of the others taught ichigo their specialties... his exponential growth and passion would outmatch aizen... hands down

as for the vizard... since they had to spend much of their time handling their transformation... i don't believe they are any more powerful than the top three espadas... however if they got the time to master their abilities they would be an ustoppable force... and i'm not quite sure that they are an ally to the shinigami...

but as of now all we can do is wait for the next episode...
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  • Sparked Indignation Is Back answered 5 years ago
    I'd say either:

    Shinji: He's a former captain with Vizard powers. I bet he's way better than Ichigo

    Yoruichi: She hasn't even used her Zanpukuto but the Shunpo she mastered can take on a captain

    Yamamoto: He is strong enough to take on the two best captains (the duel bladed guys)

    Issen: Ichigo gets that power from somewhere and he's a former captain

    Urahara: His Bankai must be killer and I bet he has hollow powers

    Gin: He has red eyes

    Aizen: The lead bad guy, leads the Espada and w/e.
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  • I Be Awesome answered 5 years ago
    hmm strongest eh?
    Zaraki Kenpachi
    the mans a freaking BEAST
    he lets the person cut him just to see if he can do it
    or Kuchiki Byakuya, his shunpo is awesome, and senbonzakura is crazy!!
    Yourouichi - the goddess of flash? plus she can turn into a cat, and cats are awesome.
    Soi Fon - ok well her bankai = you die if your hit in the same spot 2x. You DONT PISS THAT OFF. Especially when her shunpo is as good as Yourouichi's!!!
    Hitsugaya Toushiro - Hyourinmaru = awesome!! he can fly with wings of ice and then rape you with it!!
    Renji or ikkaku are the best lieutenants by far. Both of them have bankai and they're just completely 1337
    Best Vizard = Shinji. Freaky face, mad skills.
    I don't think I would want to piss any of them off though, especially if they all had a bankai...getting raped with a sword doesn't sound like fun....
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  • Kokoy D answered 5 years ago
    in order

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  • k2theninja answered 5 years ago
    The Shimigami with the potentially strongest Bankai I think would have to be Izuru Kira, I mean he has one of the best Shikai's of the Shimigami (being able to double the weight of any object, each time it's hit). Although close runner ups would include Yumichika (His shikai, absorbs his opponent's spiritual energy, puting him at odds with his fellow Squad 11 soul reapers, so his Bankai must have some incredible powers to it), Yachiru (I mean she isn't affected at all by Kenpachi's spiritual pressure, and has yet to even unlock the secrets of shikai or bankai) and Nanao Ise (Again, we never see her get to unleash her shikai, but I bet it's something quite amazing and her bankai would equally be impressive, it's gotta take more than luck to get paired with one of the most outstanding Captains afterall). While Kenpachi is probably the strongest Soul Reaper other than Capt/Commander Yamamoto; he doesn't know how to release his shikai or bankai and thus he and his zanpacto are at odds with each other and will probably take some time before they come to an understanding; also when you're already as powerful as Kenpachi, there's not a whole lot of room to move upwards in power, without reaching godlike proportions.
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  • Butty answered 5 years ago
    it would have been Kenpachi...come on now...lol...He is so crazy...(although I really like Ichigo's dad and I would like to see Urahara san fight too)...
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    i would probably say that the strongest would be Zaraki Kenpachi!
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  • Thirdman answered 5 years ago
    zaraki kempachi
    even without bankai he beat number 5 espada
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