Is doctor assisted suicide legal?

I'm just curious if its legal or not. No jokes though please i have to write something on it and i cant get lies. Proof would help but not neccessary.


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    it's not, but it should be... and anyone who has had to watch someone they love suffer through the last days, weeks and months of their lives in agonizing pain would agree with me.

    when our pets get old and are dying and in pain, we take them to the vet to get them put to sleep. it's a horrible decision to have to make, but we love them and don't want to see them suffering. yet a human being who is in their right frame of mind and has up until that point been allowed to make every decision for themselves for all of their adult years, isn't allowed to make this one last choice for themselves because a bunch of old guys in congress say it's inhumane. no, what's inhumane is making someone suffer for weeks, months and sometimes years in massive amounts of pain.

    i'm not saying doctor-assisted suicide is for everyone or that it is the one and only choice. but after careful consideration of the patient and the family, it is an option that should be allowed. it should be very closely monitored, of course. it shouldn't be used by a family member who just doesn't want to be "bothered" with a sick family member. but it should definitely be allowed if the patient is in their right frame of mind, and had a living will drawn up beforehand.

    btw, good luck with your paper! : )

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    This is a very popular topic, google assisted suicide, doctor assisted suicide, euthanasia, etc. You can use google scholar for sources within your paper if you need more reputable sources/journals.

    Source(s): google
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    Of course not.

    Many people would be doing that and where are they going to put the bodies.

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    It's illegal in every US state, besides Oregon.

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