does anyone know the tax ID numbers for Fidelity investments and massachusets mutual?

i need the money and i cant wait on my 1099-r forms. i just need these numbersd and i can e-file

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    I'm pretty sure it's 04-3523567. I found this on the example illustration/graphic of a 1099-R form found after clicking on and the "Understanding Your 2008 Form 1099-R (PDF)" link/option.

    Here are my reasons:

    1) There's a note under the example that reads: "For illustrative purposes only. Certain categories of transactions in the sample may not pertain to your account. The PAYER information differs from the form, illustrated above, for Fidelity Fund Accounts."

    2) On the example 1099-R form (referenced above) that is provided through the Fidelity tax planning site listed below, the following PAYER info is also listed...




    NEW YORK, NY 10281

    3) When you "google" the Fed EIN # 04-3523567 separately (and by itself) and reference the 3rd-4th search result which is a listing of annual reports of money management companies and their respective Fed EIN #s (registered with the securities exchange commission) on - "National Financial Services, LLC" is directly associated with this number on page 4 of the listings.

    4) [also when googling the # along with "fidelity management trust company," i actually found a prior year's tax record statements for a law firm that used this # repeatedly for Fidelity]

    So basically, at this point, I'm still trying to figure this out myself...Please let me know if you find anything informative!!!

    Be sure to take a good look at the links below!!! - The last one will probably be the most helpful.

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    You'll do fine with what you selected.... The bond fund may be a little large for your age ( after six months or so...look into the " Freedom Fund" that sort of matches your projected retirement date...they throw a mix of funds into your bond holdings..slightly more aggressive, but nothing scary) Also...( just a thought) are well invested in many good American companies ( check the fund " holdings") but you don't seem to have much ( if any) "global" or "international" exposure. You're young enough to take a $3000. shot at FEMKX or something,(even FGBLX) with some foreign markets involved...the rest of the world is putting us to shame (as far as growth goes) lately...make it work for you a "leetle" One way or the other...I think you're headed toward growing pretty nicely...( hopefully "doubling" in 5 years or less) Do your own study on the Fidelity site...or msn/moneycentral has nice run-downs on funds ( top 25 holdings, performance, m/star ratings) Good luck

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    Fidelity 401k Number

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    You say you can't wait for your 1099-R but the law says you have to.

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