Federal Bureau of Investigation: What college degree do I need?

I'm 16, and in the 11th grade. I plan on doing some extensive research this summer, and next fall, however, just for curiosity- what is the best degree to get if you were interested in joining the FBI.

I'm still undecided on what my career path will be, but, I think I'd like helping protect our country, but I'd like to be in another aspect besides the military.

What is a degree that most FBI Agent's have?

I'm in excellent physical shape, and I play basketball, lift weights, run.

I've already went to the www.fbi.gov website, so please don't direct me to an alternative website.

Would a Criminal Justice degree be a good degree?


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    I'm not in the FBI myself, but I've done some reading on it. Since you've been on the FBI site, you already know that they seek a diverse set of skills for their SA workforce. Others may disagree, but a B.S. in CRJ isn't really all it's cut out to be.....it doesn't apply anywhere unless it becomes a J.D. in Law....otherwise it's an advanced degree for a local police officer. Even your local PD doesn't care about CRJ degrees. If any college is required, it's usually something like 30-60 credits, not even A.S. in Criminal Justice.

    In short, something like a degree in Finance or Accounting would be the best bet. CPA's can analyze financial statements and spot things that don't look right (such as in a drug or white collar investigation). By nature, accounting is analytical, which is the kind of mindset you want. And as you've read, accounting/finance degrees are acceptable to the FBI. At the very least, if you don't make it into the FBI, you can still make a boatland of money with an accounting background to fall back on. What the heck can you do with a CRJ? Better look at going back to law school then.......

    In short, go with a business degree. Applicable in all professions, good fall back, FBI Approved!

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    I would say yes to the criminal justice major. However, c.j. is comprised of so many different fields (homeland security, law enforcement, corrections etc.), that you would have to eventually narrow it down. In addition, the CJ field is demanding more education so the higher the degree you have the better. As well as being an outstanding person in character that sets you apart from the crowd. "Why should the FBI pick you over your friend? What makes you a better candidate to becoming an agent? "This is just a brief answer to your question.

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    Yes, Criminal Justice would be good but so would Psychology. So double major? Major/minor? Minor/Major?

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    i was in school a long time ago, but back then, it was accounting and law

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