Okay basic foreign exchange student question.! PLEASE HELP.!?

Well I'm a 13 year old girl who lives in the US.

I really want to get a forein exchange student in a couple of years.! My parents are thinking about it. But im not sure.! And i have a few questions.

Whats the youngest age you can get them.?

Can you pick them out.?

Or can you just pick girl or boy.

Whats the best country.?

Is this a bad idea.?

How long do they stay.?

Are they good kids.?

Thanks so much.!! <333

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    My family used to host lots of exchange students. I hope you know they aren't pets because your post indicates otherwise.

    They're usually older, around college-age; some younger people do exchange, but this is rare. You usually don't get to choose which students stay with you; you just tell the home stay organization that you want to participate and they assign you someone. Sometimes the students will write you a letter or something before they arrive just to let you know a little something about themselves, but don't expect it. Most organizations let you choose the gender of the student.

    Students are people and people are unpredictable; there's no "best country" and whether or not you'll get along really depends on you and the student who gets you.

    Their stays vary as well. Some only stay for a conference or event and might only stay one night or less. Some are going to school in America and plan to be there for years; these probably don't intend to spend all that time in the same place and might only stay with you for a semester.

    You can add me as a contact if you have other questions.

  • 4 years ago

    when I was 6 we had a foreign exchange student come from Italy, I think the point of being and exchange student is to learn about another country so I don't think you can stay in the US. Also my parents had to sign up, so you would have to wait until someone from another country chose you from all of the other people who want to be exchange students. But she learned alot while she was here and I bet you could learn alot too so good luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It is a GREAT IDEA

    Start here: http://www.foreignexchangestudent.com/

    They can mail a complete host family information packet to you.

    You and your family will probably form friends for life so pick a country you would be interested in visiting in the future.

    Mostly they are good kids but there are always a few bad ones. the organization has policies for changing host family - student matches when it isn't working. Common stays would be for the school year but there are probably variations on that.

  • maiya
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    1 decade ago

    the youngest is 16

    any country is good

    it is a good Idea

    the stay the summer

    or one school semester

    they are excellent kids

    the are screen real good

    the bring their own money and health Insurance

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