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Will there be a more famous american wordlwide than elvis presley?

decades after his death and i heard that obama is the 2nd most talked american after elvis !

imagine obama became resident and RIGHT NOW HIS FAME IS in PRIME but still the most famous american wordlwide is elvis!

i mean what is it so great with Elvis and americans so many years after his death they still advertise him worldwide (like they do with coca cola lol) ??


guys michael jackson sold 350 million albums and now new generation does not know him u while everybody still now elvis and he sold 1,1 billion records!

smokey u have any proof for what u saying??u could go to jail for what u saying u know if someone press charges on u!

Update 2:

americans who have come close are i think these ones:

merilyn monroe-marlon brando

JFK-Bill clinton-Obama recently

michael jackson -madonna-frank sinatra

babe ruth-michael jordan-michael phelps recently ,specially during olympics

neil armstrong who went to moon??

bill gates??

still elvis is the most famous american wordlwide is a proven fact!

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    The thing is that Elvis' fame will someday wane. While he sold many records, the musical style will be in another 50 - 100 years, an anachronism. When you consider that there is music written before the United States was ever founded, that is still being performed today, that's some fairly incredible staying power.

    I'm not saying Elvis will likely be forgotten - he won't. But his name will not be on the tip of everyone's tongues as it is now. He was in the proper place at the proper time ... television was in its growth stage, and everyone was captivated by a new form of music on a new medium that made it available. He was great at what he did ... no doubt. And while he'll be remembered, it probably won't be with the same force as Handel, Mozart, Bach and some others who continue to amaze and inspire hundreds of years later.

    When you're studying music theory, it's not Elvis that one goes to. He was an amazing performer who did marvelous things, but his fame will fade ... not away, but it will diminish.

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    Im not sure my man in his day Michael Jackson was the man.

    Jackson had Pepsi he is the only person i can think of that rivals Elvis is fame and world wide knowledge.

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    Miley Cyrus


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    Dwayne Carter.. aka Weezy f. Baby

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  • Elvis stole all that music anyway, he is the most famous thief in American history.

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    i wonder if britney or madonna ever came this close... michael jackson maybe?

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    Barack Obama will be.

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    God is American.

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