i have the stomach flu & i'm really hungry, what should i eat?

everything i eat or drink never stays inside! and it's driving me crazy. what can i eat that will hopefully stay inside? and i always feel dehydrated no matter how much water i drink! aghh

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    1 decade ago
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    First, with stomach flu, you want to eat as little as possible, but you need to drink enough and maintain your electrolytes (minerals in your body) so that you do not become dehydrated. Your best bet is to stay on clear liquids. You can use Gatorade or Pedialyte to assure you are getting enough of the minerals, plus fluid, that you need. You can also drink diluted tea. Once you are keeping these fluids down, try adding Jello or other gelatin desserts and sorbet to your diet. If those stay down okay, add dry toast, crackers, or steamed rice. Sometimes a soft-boiled or poached egg is okay at this stage, also.

    After light, soft and bland things stay down for a number of hours, you can begin to add in other items that don't upset your stomach. Things like vegetable or chicken noodle soup are good options.

    Good luck. I hope you feel better soon!

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    No such thing as the "stomach flu".You more than likely had Norwalk virus. You can start to eat regular foods again.Just be sure to not over eat.Nothing too spicy or heavy. Norwalk virus (Just remember that hand sanitizers will not kill this virus.House hold cleaners such as Lysol will also not kill you.You must use bleach.) The Norwalk virus causes viral Gastroenteritis which is known as the nasty 24 hour bug that causes explosive and sudden diarrhea and projectile vomiting.Usually non life threating but can cause complications in the very young,elderly and those with compromised immune systems. PREVENTION-Wash your hands before preparing food/eating food and most importantly, TOUCHING YOUR MOUTH/NOSE/EYES. The ONLY way to become infected with this virus is if you ingest the contaminated fecal/vomit particles through your eyes,nose and mouth. It is impossible to "breathe" in the virus BUT possible to become infected by breathing in aerosol "spray" droplets from someone vomiting right next to you.(the droplets settle within minuted but can still infect someone until cleaned with bleach) Even if your whole family breaks out with this virus, you can prevent it by washing your hands for at least 15-20 seconds with warm water and soap.Remember that you are not killing the virus, you are washing it down the drain even if you use an antibacterial soap (which only kills bacteria, not viruses) hand sanitizers are also not successful in killing the virus. If a member of your family comes down with the virus, let them know to wash their hands AFTER a bowel movement and vomiting. To clean infected areas, clean with BLEACH.Clean bathrooms (all infected areas) with a bleach solution as soon as possible and be sure to prevent cross contamination and wash your hands afterwards.Especially children! wipe down all commonly touched objects like door knobs, faucet handles, light switches, toilet flushers etc. People are STILL contagious even after 24 hours after their symptoms settle down so it is always important to wash your hands after the rest room (which you should do anyways!) The key to staying Norwalk virus free is to keep sanitary.Wash your hands after using the bathroom...you could prevent other peoples misery as well as yours!! TIPS:Do not share any cups/plates/utensils with an infected person and be sure to wash in a bleach solution to prevent cross contamination with the rest of your family.

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    Chicken broth, sugar-free Jello, no sugar added applesauce.

    Foods, even soft, with lots of sugar can irritate an upset tummy.

    I know it's a pain, but keep drinking the water!!

    Feel Better!!!

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    I love applesauce, so I would reccomend that. Or Chicken Noodle Soup. But applesauce is still my #1. It has texture, tastes good, keeps you hydrated, and even though throwing up is disgusting, if you are, applesauce doesn't smell as bad or taste as bad coming up a second time.

    Sorry for the gross out factor!

    True though :)


  • 1 decade ago

    unfortunately you're not gonna be able to keep anything down till the bug is out.

  • 1 decade ago

    chicken soup and rice ^^ or any kind of soup

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