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The Crucible, John proctor conflicts ?

What are John Proctor's internal conflicts?

How does he attempt to resolve them?

How are they resolved in the end?

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    I think John feels horrible about the affair, and wants to make it up to Elizabeth because he loves her very much, and he believes he can make it up to her if he tells the town that Abigail is lying about the accusations, but the same time, that would mean revealing the affair.

    I think he resolves it in the end by confessing the affair and also getting hanged for witchcraft because he wouldn't sign his name to lies, so he stood up for what he believed in and felt at peace with himself.

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    His problem with the other people was that they were all buying into the whole witchcraft thing and blaming everyone else for being a witch. His problem was that he refused to admit to being a witch because it was against the religion to tell a lie. So they hung him.

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