Replacing interior door?

Currently I have hollow doors installed and would like to replace them with a solid doors. My question is currently each door only have 2 hinges on them, if I was going to just replace the door and not the frame will I have to install a 3rd hinge or can I just use the two existing hinges?

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  • Don S
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    1 decade ago
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    It is worth the effort to install the 3rd hinge because these doors will weigh 4 times as much as your hollow core doors. You might also consider purchasing the prehung units and just replace the entire jamb and casing. Installing a prehung unit is very often easier than fitting a door slab into an existing opening.

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  • 1 decade ago

    They probably won't match up with your hinges.

    Don is right. Get pre-hung doors. You will have to remove the trim from around both sides of the doors.,,57...

    I have a router and an attachment to route out the areas for the hinges.

    You could buy one and see how it matches up and works with just 2 hinges. Use longer screws to attach to the jamb.

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