Are all porn stars circumcised?

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I've noticed some are. Is this normal that their head is always fully showing when receiving a bj? I thought they just move the foreskin up and down. My head doesnt retract all more
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Sean Michaels is not circumcised.

Most Latino's are not circumcised and a video can be themed around that particular feature.

/jerome, porn connoisseur
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  • Michael answered 5 years ago
    They might look circumcised since the foreskin usually retracts upon erection, and all penises you see in porn are erect.

    Do you mean you can't pull your foreskin down all the way?
    If so, your foreskin is too tight. But don't worry as 9 times out of 10 this problem can be self-treated privately at home.
    You need to do some stretching exercises, ideally in the bath/shower, every day for a few weeks. Follow the instructions on this website:

    This website also has some more general advice:
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  • Tally answered 5 years ago
    If you look closely, you will notice that a lot of the guys are intact. Usually, the skin is pulled back to expose the head. Usually you can tell from the hand movements if the guy is intact.

    What do you mean the head does not retract? The head is fixed at the end of your penis. Do you mean that your foreskin does not retract and fully expose your head (glans)? If so, you can gradually open up the end of your foreskin by gently pulling the foreskin back, such as when you masturbate. Don't do it until it hurts. If you pull it all the way back and it gets stuck behind the glans, don't panic. Just squish the head and poke it back in. Lubrication helps.


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  • Derrick answered 5 years ago
    The answer is No. You will have to look at more porn to show I am correct. Oh, I consider those sites as 'instructional' sites; I've learned a lot from looking/watching.
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  • coodboy16m c answered 5 years ago
    lol, NOPE! =)
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  • Connor answered 5 years ago
    Your head isn't sapposed to retract.

    Also a lot of male porn stars ar circumcised because their parents did it to them when they were babies, they didn't have a choice in the matter. Plus you are watching porn from another generation. A lot of older males are circumcised, but males in this generation and the next one down aren't circumcised as often.
    Circumcision rate keeps dropping. So you will start to see more and more uncircumcised males in porn. Also try a different site aswell. The site I go to, they have a section with only uncircumcised males.

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  • cirkdone answered 5 years ago
    American porn stars, like the rest of American males, are most likely to be circumcised and those who aren't will usually ensure that their foreskin is retracted all the time the cameras are on them as that is how most Americans expect men to look. Non-American actors in porn destined for the American market will often also be instructed to retract for the cameras.

    Porn made for the non-American market is also most likely to use non-American actors who are only about 25% likely to be circumcised. This market is more used to their males being uncircumcised and so far fewer of these actors will specifically retract for the cameras.

    One must, of course, always remember that the foreskin is intended to retract for sex and so even uncircumcised men may look circumcised if only seen after they have an erection, even if they have not manually pulled the foreskin back.

    Your foreskin should be able to be fully, freely and painlessly retracted both when flaccid and after erection. If not then you cannot keep yourself properly clean and there is also a strong possibility that the foreskin or frenulum may rip during sex with painful, very bloody and embarrassing consequences.
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  • zombieflames answered 5 years ago
    no, not all porn stars are circumcised. In some porns they may appear like they are but they are just pulling the skin back the whole time. They do this to make the penis more appealing. Because in America, on average people both male and female prefer the look of a circumcised penis. If your head does not retract all the way that is perfectly normal.
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  • Timmy answered 5 years ago
    no, not in the good eastern european porn
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  • Tommy answered 5 years ago
    i don't think so
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  • hykbop answered 5 years ago
    Dude - why are you looking at the guys? You're supposed to be looking at the chicks! Even better, get all girl-on-girl movies and you won't have to worry about seeing any!
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  • robert y answered 5 years ago
    Are you a porn star? Then, don't worry about it.
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  • Di answered 5 years ago
    not all of them.
    of course a circumcised penis is much clean and it has a better image.
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  • bienrad answered 5 years ago

    the foreskin retracts when erect on some men
    i've seen a lot of men in porn who are not

    and NO, a cut penis isn't cleaner, i don't think a cut penis looks better either...they are the same thing

    if they are circumcised they have an ugly scar in the middle of their penis
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  • Jessica S answered 5 years ago
    No. I found porn on my ex's computer and there was one uncircumcised man. His penis looked like a dirty egg roll.
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