Books.. Historical fiction, Western, or Adventure?

My next book report at school has to be a historical fiction, western, or adventure book, I am a good reader and I like/love to read. Any suggestions for a book? Thanks

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    Into The Wild. PLEASE READ! took a very long time typing :(

    The best book i have ever read! Its a true story, about adventure.

    It is about a guy called Christopher Johnson mcCandless, who hated the way how people were so horrible to each-other and they was Society was. After he graduated, he gave all his money ($24000) to charity, cut up his credit cards and burnt his money and went on a HUGE adventure that ended up being the cause of his death.

    On the way through his adventure (traveling around the USA, Mexico and Canada, mainly by Hitchhiking or by foot.) He met many people who he made a HUGE impacted on that really liked him. It is a very emotional journey that he goes on, his way of thinking was very extreme and very moral. He finally (after a little over a year) went on his Great Alaskan Adventure, where he hitchhiked to Alaska and walked into the wild with nothing els but a gun 10 pounds of rice and little more.

    He spent just over 100 days! In the Wild, Unfortunately He ate something that poisoned him (a seed of a plant) Which caused slow starvation, he could get no help as he was literally Trapped into the wild and could not get back the way he came because of a river he crossed had gotten a lot larger and impossible to cross as a result of melting icecaps!

    Unfortunately he died. His body was found 2 weeks after he died by rare mouse hunters. (After spending over 100 days without seeing anybody)

    The book has MANY great quotess and letter he wrote. After he died, they found that he wrote "Happines only real when shared". Somthing he discoverd too late. He was gping to go back, and what seamed forgive his parents and start over, but he couldnt, because he was traped.

    The story is so good, that many people die trying to get to the abandoned bus (in the middle of nowhere) that He lived and died in, he has many followers, i too am planning to visit the bus in 2 years when i go on a road trip i am saving up for, the book inspired me like many others. Some people think he was a fool, some think he was great and almost like a hero. I also think he was a great man, it was just so sad he died.

    here are some photos that were found in his camra

    Youtube thumbnail

    the one were he is holding the paper and waving (the paper being his final letter saying "I HAVE HAD A HAPPY LIFE AND THANK THE LORD. GOODBYE AND GOD BLESS ALL!" Its thought that after this he whent to sleep and passed away.

    The book is only 205 pages and is a easy read! You will be inspired!

    Here is the trailer for the FILM

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    I love historical fiction! I suggest anything by Ann Rinaldi, a few of her books include:

    -Fifth of March- About the Boston Massacre

    - Cast Two Shadows- About the Civil War in the South

    -A Break With Charity- About the Salem Witch Trials

    -Finishing Becca- About Peggy Smith & Benedict Arnold

    -Girl in Blue- About a girl who joins the confederate Army

    -Hang 1,000 Trees With Ribbons- True story of an African American poet

    -An Unlikely Friendship- about Mrs. Lincoln and her African-American seamstress

    She's written many many more, I also suggest Eva Ibbotson's books;

    -The Morning Gift

    -A Company of Swans

    -A Song For Summer

    -A Countess Below Stairs

    The Luxe books by Anna Godbersen are good too:

    -The Luxe


    -Envy (out on the 27th of Jan.)

    Finally,Tracie Peterson has two books I would suggest:

    -A Lady of Secret Devotion

    -A Lady of Hidden Intent


    Happy Reading!

    Source(s): ***Read them all, loved them all***
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    I LOVE historical fiction. From historical fiction I would recommend The Gemma Doyle Trilogy or The Luxe. They are not hugely accurate but they are historical and really fun to read.

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    i love westerns. and the ultimate western is lonesome dove. i think i've read that book 40 times. :)

    or you could try something by james mitchener - your teacher will be impressed that you finish a mitchener. talk about epics. i recomend centenial (sp)

    or any of the sharpe books by bernard cornwell. i think i'm in love with richard sharpe.

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