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my mum has essential tremor? anybody know any treatments?

My mum has had an essential tremor for about three years. she doesn't want to take tablets because they give her bad side effects. She asked her doctor about getting an injection for it but he doesn't recommend it.

Her essential tremor is in her left hand. She gets really self conscious about going out in public. She stays at home most of the time.

Does anybody know any other treatments for essential tremor?

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    Do a little homework on different therapies. There are many herbs available to help with nervous disorders. I make a nerve formula that could help..or you may find something similar in a health food store near you. Just make sure you use quality. Some of the herbs in my formula...(all organic too) Black Cohosh root, Valerian root, Blue Cohosh root, , Hops flower, Passion Flower herb, Scullcap herb...also a very good source of B vitamins would be helpful as this is what feeds the nervous system, especially if she has been stressed etc.

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    It is possible that your mother isn't getting enough Magnesium on a daily basis ...... eat more foods rich in magnesium mate ...... magnesium is essential for healthy nerve and muscle functioning and works in tandem with calcium for heart, bone and teeth health ....... eating more foods rich in magnesium will help to resolve any issues you may have with nervous tension, constipation, acid tummy, headaches and migraines and muscle twitching such as facial tics and hand tremors ........ and will also help to lower high blood pressure ........ foods rich in magnesium are leafy and green vegies, wholegrain breads and cereals like brown rice, fresh salmon, sardines and tuna, organic nuts and seeds like almonds, brazil nuts and sunflower seeds...... organic with the nuts and seeds to avoid the nasty sulfites and other chemicals they use to "preserve" the commercial varieties ........ things that will rob you of your magnesium supplies are alcohol, diuretics, antacids, laxatives ........ take a B complex supplement also to help you deal with the everyday stress we are all exposed to at some level ..... get one including all the B's ie ~ B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and folic acid etc... as they work best together ....... the B group of vitamins is essential for healthy neural, immune and digestive functioning and are water soluble so need to be taken on a daily basis ......;0)

    take care of you

    peace baby

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