How do i fix corrupted files my disk checker cant check?

How do i fix corrupted files my disk checker cant check?

i was alerted that i have a corrupt file in my Itunes so i tried to restore my computer and it alerted me that i have another corrupted file in my c drive. i tried using the disk checker and it tells me that it cant access it b/c its a NTFS file so it doesn't check my disk at all. so it wont restore anything. i have no idea what to do!!! how do i fix my corrupted files and get my comp back to semi normal at least

if it helps i have vista and i have had this computer for almost 2 years now and i cant afford another one

(most ppl hate vista but that is what was on my computer when i got it)

can you explain things as if you were teaching an amiture im not very good at all the tech stuff im still trying to learn

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i would firstly recomend you to reinstal I tunes, or simply run a repair mode

    if not, then just email me at and il help you further

  • 4 years ago

    certainly once you layout, all information are being deleted even your living house windows OS, till you could boot to DOS mode and delete specific information applying Norton Commander then you could re-deploy you living house windows Me. Or try this first precise clicking your computing gadget then click residences then click information superhighway then uncheck the "View my lively computing gadget as information superhighway internet site" if no longer pass to the 1st determination.

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