Palestinians & Israel?

What is the conflict between Israel

and the Palestinians about? What role has the United States played in the creation of this intractable problem and what role does the United States continue to play?

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    This goes back a couple thousand years!

    It was the Kingdom of Egypt before it was the Kingdom of Israel. There have been 12 kingdoms and one nation since then.

    The main people of the land had been there for centuries.

    Then right after WWII the US and GB thought it would be a good idea to support the founding of the Zionist nation of Israel. We supported taking the land from the people who lived there. This was in 1948.

    Then more land was taken in 1968.

    SINCE then Israel continues to take MORE land and continues to commit human rights abuses according to the UN and the Red Cross.

    The US gives tons of financial aid to Israel.

    I was raised to believe it was very wrong to build walls, gates and barbed wire fences, herd people in ghettos, restrain them with checkpoints, bulldoze their houses (this happening still IN Palestinian lands), burn their crops, collectively punish civilians, restrict medical personnel and treatment, restrict basic utilities, restrict food and refuse to allow economic growth.

    I was taught to remember these things and that they are wrong. Only I was taught that it is wrong no matter who perpetrates them and no matter who is the victim. There is no justification.

    Zionists are doing all these things. The US government is funding them.

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    In 1948 the UN partitioned a part of the British empire into Israel and Palestine. Palestinians rejected the partition plan and sold their claim to Israel. Then they decided that they wanted the land to belong to them, and the conflict began. There was a war between Israel and several Arab nations that Israel won, allowing it to double in size and capture Jerusalem as its capital. In 1967, the Arab countries invaded Israel again, but Israel won again and expanded even more. Ever since then the Arabs have been trying to get back at Israel for these defeats.

    The US didn't have anything to do with the start of the conflict and it can't really do anything to stop it. The Palestinians and Arabs need to accept Israel's right to exist.

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    Well? Iran uses Ham-as to attack Israel from the south side (Gaza) & Hezbollah to attack Israel from the North side Of course Fatah of West Bank also wants to attack Israel. is on the inland side.

    Akmadinajad wants to wipe Israel off the map. And the hard liners Ham-as wont agree to any peace as long as Israel remains a nation. So they are there to try to wipe Israel off the map.

    The US tries to get Israel remain a Nation, & that Gaza can be a State of Palestine. And West Bank a State of Palestine. Lebanon?

    The US tries to hope for peace between them. But the Israeli God promises all the land to Israel. While the Islamic Allah promises all the land to Palestine Muslims. The Muslims, when in authority suppress Christians & Jews to extinction, if they don't pay the extra tax humbly.

    Personally, I think Gaza should be a state of Israel & not a state of Palestine. Because, Radical Islamist just use Gaza as a launching pad to shoot rockets into Israel.

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    the purpose of organising a state with a Jewish majority is to offer a shelter for Jews, it is because of the fact background has shown that Jews have been persecuted as a minority very almost everywhere. To "stay among the human beings of all international locations" is a severe-high quality thought, yet sorry, been there, achieved that. the assumption of a Jewish majority isn't a racist one, it rather is a reaction to anti-Jewish racism. Why do no longer YOU "stay among the human beings of all international locations"? And why do no longer you desire to renowned that the Arabs started the violence against the Jews in 1920?

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    The conflict between Israel and Palestine is Israel kept hitting palestine with missiles and Palestine retaliated by sending rockets into israel, israel then sent ground troops to palestine and now thousands of innocent palestinians are getting killed for no reason, the U.S is siding with Israel as they usually do and as we speak innocent palestinians are getting killed what a shame!!!

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    The fighting has nothing to do with the U.S. Perhaps you should ask your history teacher to explain the facts. CNN will not give you all the info you need and neither will the people on Y/A

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    The Palestinians are fighting for Israel's land of course! That's how it all started. The Palestinians have been at war with Israel for as long as I could remember...

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    Hamas keeps trying to kill all Israelis and take their country.

    US supports them because Israel is the best and only allie we have in the region

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    Its a genocide and the USA is funding Israel with weapons to kill the palestinians

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    Oh boy, this is gonna be epic.

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