can someone help me translate this middle English text into modern English?

To the worshipfull ffador in god Iohn Bisshop of Bathe Chauncellere of Engelond Compleyneth your pore orator Iohn Bredhill parson of the chirche of kyngesswynford oon of the seruantes of Iohn Bate Clerk of the Chauncery of our souereyn lord the kyng that Iohn Sutton knyght Iohn Sheldon Iohn Clerk Thomas yonge & Thomas Bradley the tewseday in whitson wike the yere of the regne of our souereyn lord the kyng xvj wronfully entred in to the parsonage of your seid suppliant at kyngessynford in the Counte of Stafford and ther breke vp iiij Cofors & bere away alle his godes. that is to sey j Bibull (historia scholastica) the maistor of stories / j legend aurea. j pupille. the euangelistes glosed ij gloses vppon Iob. Alquyn vppon sentence. Alquyn de veritatib3. viij Bokes of Philo sophie. j Bok de regimine principorum nobilum . iij Bokes of Bonauenture iiij. Bokes of sermons. the maistor of sentence Augustyn de caritate. a doctor vppon luke. j myssal ij portuose. xl volumes of Gramare logik Rethorik & othor science with stuffe of Parchyment & papire whiche godes were worth: l. li. Also they toke away x li in money. xiij. spon(es of) siluer. j maser. iij paire bedes of corall. j paire bedes of aumbor. j paire bedes of gete vj broches vj rynges. ij Beddes of bokerham hangyng. j silor with a testor. ij Couerlettes of Tapsery j Couerlette of wostede xvj couerlettes vj blankettes iij matrace iij Bolsters xviij shetes viij Bordclothes xx sanappes. iij gownes furred ij hodes v hures.j Dowbelette iij Chistes iiij Cofors. v bassyns. iij lavors ij paire trostell. iij tabull iiij Chaiers j bras potte of xvj galons vj pannes vij pottes iij brandardes. iij yron broches iij frying pannes ij gredyrons iiij kichon knyves vj Chandellers. v salors iiijxx peces of peautor vessell vij quarters of Boef v Bakons vj turnell viij Barell for ale. j bras morter with a pestell of yron. A Chymney of yron ij wyn botell ij pottes of lethor. j. dorser iij Bankers x quysshons. j herneysed girdill. xx lb wex. v yerdes of Blanket viij ellon of lynnon cloth x lb of lynnon yorn. ij paire wightes for gold. j. dial a bowe. xxiiij arowes j haboryon & j sweyrd whiche godes were worth: xlviij. li. Also they toke a way. x bushel3 of rie iij quarts of malt. j mowe of rie j wayn j payre wheles. j dongewayn CC thraves of stre iiij shoveles iiij spades j plough iiij yockes. v kyn ij Calves iij Bores j Mere ij Coltes xvj hogges x pigges x Capons x hennes & vj mavlers whiche godes were worth xvj li. x. s. Also they toke vp the profites of the chirche that is to sey xxx teithe lambes xij ston of teithe wolle. the teithe hay the offerynges the profites of the glebe the gardyn the chirche yerd and also they hewen doun & brende his wodes & destroied his houses hegges & diches in harmes & valoue of : xj. li.And also they putte away his seruantes that is to sey sir Iohn Mere prest Richard Bredhill Thomas Morley & Iohn webbe by whiche your seid suppliant myssed the seruice of his seid seruantes by the space of xij wekes to the harmes of vnto the vtterest vndoyng of your seid suppliant Wherfore the seid suppliant bi secheth your gracious ffadorhode of remedie aftor reson & conscience at the high reuerence of the holy Trinite.

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    You just need to find a middle english dictionary online.That is what I had to do when we read the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer in English.You just have to take it word by word and google it.It is difficult but there are resources to help translate.They don't have an automatic translator though where you can put all that in and get it back in modern english.Trust me, I tried.

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    To the worshipful father in God John Bishop of Bath, Chancellor of England. Your poor orator John Bredhill, parson of the church of Kingswinford, one of the servants of John Bate, Clerk of the Chancery (?) of our sovereign lord the King, hereby complains that John Sutton, knight, John Sheldon, John Clerk, Thomas Young and Thomas Bradley the Tuesday in Whitsun week in the 16th year of the reign of our sovereign lord the king wrongfully entered into the parsonage of your said suppliant at Kingswinford in the County of Stafford, and there broke up (?) Cofors [not sure what that means] and bore away all his goods....

    I'm not doing it all, but I hope that gives you a start!

    Do you have this document? I'd be interested to see a scan of it because my ancestors came from Kingswinford.

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