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Which conspiracy do you believe in and why... 911 Inside Job?, Moon Landing Hoax, Federal reserve system scam?

Which consiparcy do u believe happened and which is a hoax. Main argument and debunking it.

Sept 11 attacks: Millions believe that is an inside job

Main argument: Building 7 collapse, Airliners hitting buildings for one hour without NORAD interference, eyewitness accounts, others

Debunkers: too many people would have spoken out, where is the concrete evidence

Moon Landing: Millions believe it never happened

Main Argument: Why havent they gone since early 70's, technology at that time wasnt advanced enough, eyewitness account that the footage of moon is actually of Nevada desert

Debunking: The russians would have spoken out, Neil armstrong and other astrouants accounts and footage

Federal Reserve System: A private cartel of Banks printing money for the american people.

Main Argument: the Fed reserve act (1913) gave the ability to private bankers to actually loan and print money for the U.S government and with a hefty interest on top of it..

Debunking: I still havent heard a real argument that the american congress passed the Fed reserve act: to give a bunch of elite bankers full control over the U.S money supply. youtube: " The creature of Jekyll Island".

So do u believe any of these conspircies and if there are any conspircies that worth mentioning and we should know about? thanx

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    I'm quite happy to believe them all. I always ask 'who benefits?' from a situation, and there are a bunch of people with a vested interest in making you believe the official versions. I hadn't heard about no 3 actually (I'm British), but it makes a hell of a lot of sense. It would explain why your economy is in such a bad way right now if funny money had been pumped into the economy, thus devaluing the currency massively but making huge profits for the top bankers.

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    I am guilty of # 2 and # 4. #2 - Moon landing. Either it didn't happen. Or, NASA is the BIGGEST FAILURE of mankind's history. You want me to believe we flew to the moon in 1969, and in the next 40 years lost to space shuttles just going to and from the international space station. And, why the EFF can we not make it to the moon again, leave alone Mars, without BILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND 10-15 YEARS OF PLANNING. What did we lose the map? (its up in the FRICKEN SKY)

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    Those conspiracy theories are all goofy. Goofy theories for goofballs to believe in.

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