Who's the most beautiful non-celebrity person you have ever seen?

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Have you ever seen someone who made you weak at the knees? Like SOO good looking you couldn't look away, and theír face was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? This ...show more
Update : For me: This guy I met in my friends kitchen (I'm a girl btw). He was ...show more
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OH MY GOD TWO PEOPLE! A guy and a girl. A math teacher, Mr. Tofanelli! DEAD GORGEOUS. I was walking in the library then my eyes caught this hottie in the corner, so my eyes just locked onto his. MY HEAD WOULD NOT TURN AWAY! So I was walking away with my head just locked into his eyes. OMG he has that dark eyes, dark brown goatee and the hottie smirk when he caught me staring, MMmm Mmm Mmm I would take him home anyday! lol.I'm getting giggly and tingly. LMAO! Another person was my Best friend from freshman year, Ashley. She was really hot, latina, looked like she could be in a music video. Plus she had big Gazongas. I just admired her lol! Hahahaha...hehhhh.

Who were yours?!
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  • James R answered 5 years ago
    Yup, a arab lady I shared a lift with in Dubai (Wasn't using her services!!).

    She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
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  • me<3 answered 5 years ago
    I seen his picture on a website, GAH, HE WAS SO HOT.
    his eyes
    his hair
    everything <3

    And there's also this super duper hot guy in my school. I just always stare at him haha how sad am I..
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  • Belle answered 5 years ago
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  • gabriel o answered 5 years ago
    every time I look in the mirror
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  • Unnoticed answered 5 years ago
    yeah this girl i saw at my bus stop a year ago
    i never saw her again :(
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  • Leela answered 5 years ago
    omg...i just kept staring at him in the shops! :D
    haha my friend and i were like WOW, he's extremely hott!
    it was so embarrassing, we just kept staringgg!!!!!
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  • Brazilian Barbie™ answered 5 years ago
    the most cliche answer would be my bf lol but in all seriousness I've came across this a couple times. AND it's always when I least expect it. Then I'm sort of just speechless lol like he cant be real!
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  • escapedmelodies answered 5 years ago

    There was a guy in my astronomy class last semester...and he was hot. Luckily we did manage to get to know each other.
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