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Card games

draw five cards from a standard deck and get

a) four aces

b) three aces and two jacks

c) three aces and a pair


why multiplying 10?

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    Say the probability for incedent E to occur as P(E).

    P(4 Aces)=4/52*3/51*2/50*1/49*5=1/54145=0.001847%(4 sig. fig.)

    P(3 Aces + 2 Jacks)=4/52*3/51*2/50*4/49*3/48*10=1/108290=0.0009234%(4 sig. fig.)

    P(3 Aces + Pair)=4/52*3/51*2/50*48/49*3/48*10=6/54145=0.01108%(4 sig. fig.)

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    why multiplying 10?

    Think about when two jacks and three aces are filled into 5 boxes, how many arrangements can there be.

    J J A A A

    J A J A A

    J A A J A

    J A A A J

    A J J A A

    A J A J A

    A J A A J

    A A J J A

    A A J A J

    A A A J J

    or by binomial distribution,

    5C2 = 10

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