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Hello friends,

I am a nurse who have rich working experience. i want to go to Singapore to be a nurse, so i am collecting more detail information of Singapore's nursing envirenment, such as qualification, salary, welfare,working conditions, pension and so forth, could u please share some if u know about it or u work as a nurse there, besides, i am looking for some nurse partners go with me if u are a independent person.

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    Hi, I'm from Singapore but not sure the how they recruit nurse but do know that they take alot of nurse from China and Philippines. Singapore is unique as there are lot of different dialet such as Hokkien, Teochew, Cantanese etc (for chinese) and Malay, Indian so if you do know these languages will be a plus.

    You can join these 2 groups one is facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups.php?ref=sb#/group.p... and the other is 台星網-在新加坡的台灣人http://www.tai-sing.com/index.php?frameon=no

    Basically these group consisted of Taiwanese living and working in Singapore and they maybe able to give you some advise. Maybe some be a nurse working here.

    台星網- has more information such on how to apply for PR in singapore etc.

    good luck

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    hi, nur_2234,

    r u in Singapore now?

    i hv similar situation as u ever had.

    So, if could u plz share the detail about as an RN in Singapore, that will be wonderful!!.

    all best.

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