Is IMCOVERED a phishing scam?

I have had a letter that claims to be from the people who bought my auto loan (Merriwest Credit Union). It says to go to a website called and enter my personal insurance information. It is printed on poor quality paper and the English grammar is poor. It threatens to add money to my loan balance if I don't cooperate. I have always had the same first-class motor insurance (State Farm) for 20+ years and since day one of my truck loan. So is this just another phishing scam or am I just doing business with a bunch of incompetents who care nothing about politeness and customer service?


It turns out it's not phishing.

It's more an increasingly common scheme, they make enforceable threats and dress them up to look like junk mail/phishing so they can hit you with a surcharge when you ignore them. All one can do really is to remember the companies who treat you well for future reference.

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    Meriwest Credit Union has been established since the early 1960's, I think, so I seriously doubt if what you have is a genuine notification from them.I think they would like to know that this is going on. Try this website to contact them, if not, there are several other Meriwest websites available:

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    WARNING: Always call a trust bank number first no matter how convincing. A similar situation just happened to me except it was a really convincing automated voicemail telling me to go to Even after seeing reports that the website is credible and talk of some banks making things look wrong so they can charge you for ignoring it I was almost fooled. I called my bank and they said my account is fine and that this was a scam. They said that under law banks can't and wont try and trick you into thinking something important is a scam hoping you will ignore it.

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    tl;dr This is not a scam but you can always call your insurance or financial institution and cut out the middleman.

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    i would be careful. usually if it looks like that then don't trust it esp since its wanting you to input your info in a website that u probably don't even know exists so i would act call your insurance company and get the 411 on whats going on

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    Sorry I don't know about this

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