Average hourly pay for a busboy?

I just applied for a job as a busboy at a local restaurant, and i was wondering how much money i should be expecting per hour.

By the way, don't you also get a percentage of the waitor's tips?

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    minimum wage, and no

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    Average Busboy Pay

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    I think it depends on where you work (the hourly pay and whether or not you get tips)

    When I worked as a busperson for a local diner, I was paid $5 per hour and I received a 10% tip out from the servers. If there is a set tip out percentage established by your restaurant, you probably shouldn't expect to be tipped higher by the servers (it's their tip money, some are reluctant to give it up).

    There were times that I would have to go to the owner/manager of the diner because the servers did not like to tip out, some would avoid me until they went home to avoid paying...

    Source(s): personal experience
    • oneota6 years agoReport

      Decades ago when I bussed, we were also supposed to get 10% of the waitresses' tip money. In reality, a number of them under-reported their tips, so we made a lot less than they did.

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    Well, I know when I first started out as a busboy, the hourly wage was $5.75 per hour.. I think it's increased for the minimal hourly wage recently though.

    I would expect anywhere between $5.00-$7.50 per hour, depending on location.

    Also, the waiters/waitresses are under no obligation to give you tips. If they feel like you helped out quite a bit, they likely will tip you. The hourly pay for a waiter/waitress is low to help balance out the extra income from the tips.

    Source(s): 3 yrs working in a restaurant. Busboy, dishwasher, line cook, buffet/salad bar management, prep cook and more.
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  • 4 years ago

    hello, to your first question here in Michigan in chain restaurants like Red Lobster, Red Robin, Chilies etc....they pay between (depending on experience) $300-$400. I have never been a waitress I admire those who are to my opinion its a mind job, I just couldnt remember peoples orders. lol. I would mess everything up, well back to the point my friend is a waitress at On the Border she gets paid $400 and her tips and she also has to give a percentage to the restaurant for other employees like you stated which sucks also she had to report her tip income to the IRS by law her restaurant did which also sucked because that lowered her refund by a few $100 dollars. that i know because I'm a tax preparer. I also remember her being happy cause on a typical weekend she made around $400-$500 a day, friday,saturday and on occasions and holidays she had days like $$700-$800 days. crazy. but rare. maybe one a month a the most.

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    Minimum wage, it depends on what state your in though. In California it's 8 dollars an hour.

  • 5 years ago

    I started as a busboy at a restaurant in San Francisco and made 10.74 plus tips (Maybe 15-20 dollars an hour un-taxed plus a free meal.)

    Not bad.

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    2 dollars an hour

  • 1 decade ago

    Minimum wage, *****.

    You'll be the restaurant's *****. Believe me, I know/

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