After opening a red wine, how long can you leave it corked at room temperature?

Is there a window that wine will go bad, can it still be drank after the time that it would start to taste bad?

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    I have years of experience with wine and have found that depending on the wine and how you store it, you can get about a week out of an opened bottle of wine. The best way to store it, I have found, is using a Vac U Vin. You can get one at Target and it's basically a rubber cork with a hole in the top. Then, you have a suction pump that you use on the cork and it gently takes the air out of the bottle.

    Another side benefit of it, is that when we open white wine, our bar fridge is not quite tall enough to stand a bottle up in. With the Vac U Vin, you can lay the bottle back on its side due to the rubber cork making kind of a seal.

    Good luck!

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    Not a problem at my house. The wine is usually drank that night or at the latest the next. Here is the basics:

    -A pump or any other device works if you have left over wine.

    -Put the cork back in the bottle and put it in the fridge.. stays fresher (red or white). Take it out 20 minutes before you serve it next so it can warm up.

    -Consider buying 4-packs (187 ml. each) of wine if you only drink a glass every so often.

    -Consider buying a box of wine for so many reasons! Put the stigma aside: The bag compresses the wine out & does not let air in. Stays fresh for a month or two. The doctor says drink a couple or a few ounces of red a day.

    >>side note for box wine...dump out the first 1/4 ounce because the air has got to it.

    <> This is the best answer

    -don't be a snob, there is a time to drink great wine, average wine, 4-packs, and boxed wine.

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    A rule of thumb is withlin three days but my experiance is 24 hours. You could look at wines bottled undes screwcap or buying bottle pumps. Both will extend the life of the wine by about 7 days. Enjoy!

    Source(s): I'm in the trade
  • KC
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    1 decade ago

    I think after about a week it starts tasting a bit oxidized.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i would drink it within the next 3 days

  • 1 decade ago

    About 2 days. You can drink it afterwards but it won't be that good.

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