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What are some of Jefferson's accomplishments?

I need to do a 3-D project showing one of TJ's major accomplishments or something that he did that was important. I already know that he wrote the Declaration and that he designed his own house. Anything else?

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    - He invented the concept of "America"

    - Gave us life and liberty

    - Of all the founding fathers, his voice rose among the other

    - HIS CARREERS Lawyers, Author, President, Philosopher, Musician, Architect, Statesmen, scientist, politician.

    - Oldest son born on Virginia plantation.

    - His early life filled him with a poet's love

    - His father was an early settler

    - His sisters name was Jane

    - Peter Jefferson died at young age

    - Thomas Jefferson continued his education

    - Music was one of Jefferson's passions


    - Jefferson put his schooling first even before plantation

    - Williamsburg (little more than a thousand people)

    - Interested in the arts

    - Attended William and Mary college

    - Jefferson filled his days with reading

    - Began self studying

    - Decided to become a lawyer

    - Debts dogged his later life

    - Adams wrote a letter to his fellow patriot

    - Other exercise was limited

    - Writing letter became harder each year

    - No democracy could survive

    Source(s): i just pasted this from my history notes, its just like random stuff about his life. good luck!
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