letters to the white house?

does the president read the letters that are sent to the white house? or are they just read by some secretary?

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    Here's my informal understanding of how it operates:

    There is a White House team of officers, some paid and some volunteer, who open and read all letters addressed to the President. Before arriving at the White House, the letters are all pre-screened for hazardous content.

    An occasional letter may be selected to be seen by the President or one of his senior staff officers, but with thousands of letters arriving each day, that would be a rarity. Statistics are kept of the issues being addressed in the letters, such as how many letters arrived that week in favor of a certain piece of legislation.

    Letters that appear threatening in nature or message are sent to the Secret Service and other law enforcement officers for investigation. So, if you appear to be a threat to yourself or to others, you could find an FBI officer knocking on your front door.

    If you have an issue to be addressed, or need help with a government service, it is far better to write your Congressman or Senator than to send it to the President. All Congressmen and Senators have "constituent services" officers who are trained to help you with government-related problems (such as having a problem getting a Social Security issue resolved).

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    No. The photos are too gross for conventional intake. the persons who lost significant other and little ones on 911 now have closure. they do no longer want the photos. in spite of if the photos have been released, many could question their authenticity, like Obama's delivery certificates.

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    it depends sometimes they do reach the president but alot of times

    it read fiirst by some other peop-le (ie secrect service of course)

    to make sure the letter isnt a theart

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    It's my humble opinion that they are read first or at least opened by an official (for safety reason) then read by the President.

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