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If i use the facebook mobile on my phone what will happen?I have the LG Voyager which already has internet. If i use the app though, will i get a text every time i get a notification? And also how can you upload pics and videos? Last, how long does it take for the activation text to come? thanks!

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    There are two types of mobile versions of Facebook

    The first one is the version you get by going to www.facebook.com through the web browser on your phone. This gives you a limited set of features that you have on Facebook from a computer.

    The second version is a separate mobile application which you can download to certain phones (I have it for my blackberry), I'm not sure if your phone supports it. This application will alert you (not by text message, but by changing the icon on the phone's screen) to alert you that something relating to your facebook account has had an activity.

    I suggest you log into your facebook account and then copy this URL to your web browser: http://www.facebook.com/help.php?hq=mobile&ref=hq

    It answers a lot about text's and explains how to upload pics and Videos.

    To answer your question about how long it takes for the activation text to come - it should be pretty quick - within a minute. However, if your mobile service provider does not support Facebook texts, then you will never receive the activation code.

    Mobile Texts work with:

    In the U.S.: AT&T, Boost, Nextel, Sprint, Virgin USA, Helio, and Verizon.

    In Canada: Bell Mobility, Aliant, Solo, Fido, Rogers, TELUS, SaskTel, Virgin Mobile Canada, and MTS.

    In the UK: O2.

    Source(s): facebook.com
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    I will probably start using that app eventually but I am staying right now with just using my mobile web browser from my phone when I'm not on my desktop. I think you will get a text about everything. I think it's pretty quick. And you can upload pics by sending it via a text email to facebook and then after that it gets easier. I know this doesn't totally answer, but hope it helps a bit.

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    There are hundred of Facebook apps in the store. You can install the highest rated one.

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